Do you know a farm groupie? For many, a big part of being a groupie is rubbing shoulders with a celebrity. Most farmers don’t consider themselves rock stars, but some attract a hoard of loyal, dedicated peeps – even if it’s the last thing they want. Before the digital age and the ubiquitous cell phone,… Read More

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets videos where celebrities read less-than-thoughtful messages sent their way on Twitter, some (celebrity) farmers and people involved in the ag industry have produced “Mean Tweets, Farming Edition.” Whether it’s the emotions involved in food or something else, people send some pretty nasty tweets to farmers and people involved in… Read More

Have we lost the ability to laugh at ourselves? I hope not. To keep sane in a very insane world sometimes you need to just laugh. On February 7, Crave TV will release six full length episodes of Letterkenny, based on the YouTube sensational shorts called Letterkenny Problems, which poke fun at teenage life in rural Ontario. The… Read More

Do you have a neighbour that seems to always have the latest in technology or buys land without ever thinking about ROI, capacity or profitability?  A fellow farmer that seems to have every single possible device, monitor, gadget, or piece of precision farming gear?  A guy that some mislabel as a “progressive farmer” but they… Read More

A special(?) holiday edition of TWORA: ‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the land RealAggies (or Agros?) were thinking about the year we’ve had Not our regular podcast this week, not the same TWORA, We’re looking back on 15 — officially, the year of our soil So as the stockings are hung by… Read More

It was our hope to have a parody out by the middle of August, as a fun kick-off to harvest. But, thanks to slow internet speeds and self-conscious/perfectionist/completely amateur singers/musicians, our version of Leaving on a Jet Plane will be a late show to the game. Here’s hoping this melancholic hybrid helps you get through a harvest that has… Read More

There’s something distinctly different about this week’s news update…and it likely has something to do with Kelvin Heppner not hosting it. RealAgriculture editor and resident fast-talker, Lyndsey Smith, fills in for our usual broadcaster this week, and is joined by Debra Murphy to talk what’s top of mind this week. What do they talk about?… Read More

The Peterson Farm Bros might be American, but their latest effort gives a decisive nod to their northern neighbours with this Bachman Turner Overdrive parody, “Takin’ Care of Livestock.” All three brothers are joined by their sister in this livestock feeding frenzy, but it’s not just their parents that make a cameo! Farmers, farm kids,… Read More


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