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Proactive Conversations About Antibiotics Required to Keep Them as Tools

With increasing scrutiny from both the public and regulators, it’s up to people involved in animal agriculture to explain how and why they use antibiotics, says a veterinary epidemiologist from southeast Saskatchewan. While media reports have been critical about antibiotic use in livestock and poultry production, Leigh Rosengren of Midale-based Rosengren Epidemiology Consulting says Canadian producers… Read more »

Holstein x Fleckvieh Offers Improved Strength, Fertility and Productive Life

Introducing Fleckvieh genetics into holstein operations can significantly improve the strength, fertility and productive life of dairy animals, says John Popp of Big Bear Genetics. As one of the exhibitors at this year’s Canadian Dairy Xpo, Popp showcased the results of a few Fleckvieh/Holstein crosses, ranging from 50% – 87.5% Fleckvieh, as well as one calf with… Read more »

Assessing Dairy Cow Body Condition Score Remotely — And Why it Matters

How often do you assess a dairy cow’s body condition score? Sure, you’re looking at your cows everyday, but changes like weight loss can go unnoticed exactly because you see them every day — the change may be too subtle to pick up on. Why would you want to be assessing and recording body condition… Read more »

Update: Korea Suspends Imports of Canadian Beef, New BSE Case Could Delay Move to “Negligible Risk” Status

Update — Sunday, February 15th: The CFIA says South Korea has suspended imports of Canadian beef, pending further information on the confirmed BSE find. Almost 12 years after the first discovery of BSE in a domestic cow, headlines containing the acronym for the fatal neurological disease in cattle still touch a nerve among Canadian cattle producers. Many… Read more »

Which Dairy Breed is the Most Profitable?

It’s an age-old question — which is the best dairy breed? Like most farming questions, the answer is rarely a simple A or B and is more likely to be a qualified “it depends,” but Elliot Currie, with the University of Guelph, headed up a project recently to try and answer the question of which… Read more »

BSE-Infected Beef Cow Found in Alberta

Editor’s note: There is an updated story on this news here. In it, John Masswohl of the CCA remarks on whether or not this finding will significantly impact trade. As of late Friday, February 13, the age of the cow was not released publicly, but the location was — northern Alberta. As of Sunday, February… Read more »

Canadian Milk Brand Based on Each Producer’s Commitment to Quality — Donald Cooper

Millions of dollars can be spent on marketing, but to build a strong brand, you still need a good product. Having a high-quality product is what helped the Cooper sports equipment brand reach a 70 percent market share in hockey globally and a 30 percent market share in Major League Baseball, explains Donald Cooper, who now… Read more »

CowSignals: What Bessy’s Body Language Can Tell You

Cattle will give you signals as to their health and well-being, says director-owner of CowSignals Training Company, Joep Driessen. Driessen was one of this year’s Canadian Dairy Xpo speakers, where he hosted a Robot Feeding Signals workshop. In it, and in an interview with Bernard Tobin, he emphasized the importance of good food and rest by comparing dairy… Read more »

The Canadian Dairy Xpo Wrap Up — What’s New and What’s Next

Ontario’s dairy farmers — and those from across Canada — descended on the storied town of Stratford, Ontario, last week to take in the third annual Canadian Dairy Xpo. Bernard Tobin, our Ontario field editor, caught up with show president Jordan Underhill for a recap of what was new and exciting at the show this… Read more »

$3.8M Investment Announced to Support Livestock and Forage Research Projects in Saskatchewan

Today, at the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan, Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced a nearly $3.8 million investment in livestock and forage research. “Investments in research help keep our livestock industry growing and strong,” said Stewart. “The knowledge that will result from the projects receiving funding will ensure our farmers and ranchers remain… Read more »

BCRC Publishes Interactive Tool for Body Condition Scoring

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) published a resource on body condition scoring cattle this week. Along with the video below, the BCRC’s body condition scoring resource provides an interactive cow graphic, enabling you to compare an animal along a changing scale, and see the gains and losses in pregnancy rates, value, antibody levels in colostrum… Read more »

University of Guelph Dairy Research Centre Receives Federal Funding Boost

The government of Canada has committed $3 million towards helping the Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) set up a research and innovation centre at the University of Guelph’s Elora research location. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz made the announcement at DFO’s Annual General Meeting marking their 50th anniversary in Toronto on January 14, 2015. The federal… Read more »

Following Along on the #farm365 with Andrew Campbell

Are you ready to get farming? Alarm goes off at the same time each morning so we can start milking around 5. #farm365 — Andrew Campbell (@FreshAirFarmer) January 2, 2015 Curious about what happens on a dairy and grain farm each and every day? Farmer from southwestern Ontario and monthly columnist here at Real… Read more »

What Does Johne’s Prevention Look Like on Your Farm?

Could Johne’s disease be lurking in your dairy or beef herd? It very well could be, and you’d potentially never know it, or most of your herd could be infected before you have a positive test. The same can be said for beef herds, so those of you with all types of cattle need to… Read more »

Pin-Ups and Protein: Coca-Cola Expands Further into Dairy with “fairlife” Milk

Coca-Cola announced its acquisition of equity stakes with Select Milk Producers, Inc. of Fair Oaks Farms Brands, LLC in 2012. Then, the acquisition was largely based around “Core Power,” a milk shake marketed as a high-protein, natural, post-workout drink. But few knew much about the company’s move into dairy until the “fairlife” milk brand recently began… Read more »