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Pork Council Exploring Need for a Canadian Hedging Program

The Canadian Pork Council is exploring the feasibility of a hedging program to help hog producers manage price volatility and cash flow needs. Bev Shipley, MP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex and chair of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food, announced federal funding of up to $169,530 for the project through the federal AgriRisk Initiatives program on Friday. “I… Read more »

Moving Brown Gold Underground — Study Finds Hog Manure Pipeline Probably Possible, but Expensive

The hog manure surplus in southeast Manitoba is forcing the swine industry and government to look at alternatives for redistributing manure to areas that don’t have excess phosphorous levels in the soil. That includes an option that’s likely unprecedented in scope: a 35 mile long underground hog manure pipeline. “We’re turning over every stone in terms… Read more »

Canada Formally Requests Over $3 Billion in Retaliation Over COOL

The Canadian government has taken another step toward following through on its two-year-old threat to retaliate against U.S. country of origin labeling (COOL) unless the meat labeling rules are repealed. Canada’s trade and agriculture ministers — Ed Fast and Gerry Ritz — joined Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, Mexico’s Secretary of Economy, and Enrique Martínez y Martínez, Mexico’s Secretary of… Read more »

American Farm Bureau Switches Stance, Backs Bill to Repeal COOL

The threat of retaliation from Canada and Mexico is forcing American lawmakers and farm groups to weigh whether it’s worth maintaining the mandatory country of origin labeling (COOL) rules for meat. The American Farm Bureau Federation, which describes itself as the largest general farm organization in the U.S., announced Wednesday it has decided to back… Read more »

TPP Participation is Critical for Maintaining Canadian Pork Exports

The Canadian Pork Council has published a study outlining not only what Canadian hog producers stand to gain from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but more significantly, what the Canadian hog sector would lose if Canada isn’t part of the multi-lateral trade deal. While the TPP negotiations currently include 12 countries, for Canadian hog producers, the deal… Read more »

Big Change? Or Little Change? — Walmart Lays Out Farm Animal Welfare and Antibiotic Policies

North America’s largest food retailer, Walmart, unveiled its positions on animal welfare and the use of antibiotics in farm animals on Friday. Strangely enough, farm groups and animal rights organizations alike applauded the company’s animal care guidelines. While both sides are welcoming Walmart’s positions, if you dig a bit deeper, there are conflicting views on what the implications… Read more »

Premier Wynne Suggests Canada Should Give the U.S. More Time to Fix COOL — Say What?

When Canada’s agriculture and trade ministers — as everybody expected following the World Trade Organization’s latest ruling against U.S. country of origin labeling — promised to retaliate unless the labeling rules are repealed, virtually all Canadian livestock producer groups and provincial governments who benefit from cross-border cattle and hog trade applauded the federal government’s swift action. With one… Read more »

How Will Washington React to the WTO’s Final Word on COOL?

Update on May 20th: The U.S. House Agriculture Committee, as expected, approved Chair Michael Conoway’s bill to repeal COOL on Wednesday morning by a vote of 38-6. It’s expected the entire House will vote on it in early June. The final ruling from the World Trade Organization against U.S. mandatory country of origin labeling and the threat… Read more »

WTO Rules Against U.S. COOL for Fourth and Final Time — Canada Seeking Permission to Retaliate

The World Trade Organization has once again sided with Canada and Mexico, as the WTO Appellate Body published a fourth and final ruling on U.S. country of origin labeling rules today. The appeal panel decision affirmed earlier rulings saying COOL illegally discriminates against foreign livestock (read the report and findings here). “The United States has used and… Read more »

Could Manitoba Support a Soybean Crush Facility? New Report Says “Yes”

Southern Manitoba has the right combination of soybean production and soybean meal demand to support a 2,000 tonne per day soybean crushing facility, according to a new report funded by the Canada and Manitoba governments and soybean industry partners. Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers partnered with Soy 20/20 to organize and co-fund the study, which was… Read more »

A COOL Refresher — Fourth and Final WTO Ruling To Come Within Days

A fourth and final decision from the World Trade Organization on U.S. mandatory country of origin labeling (COOL) rules will be announced in the next few days. The WTO has said its decision on the Americans’ latest appeal to maintain COOL will be shared with members no later than May 18th. Another ruling in Canada and Mexico’s favour would… Read more »

USDA Finds Little, if any, Economic Benefit From COOL

Just weeks before the World Trade Organization rules on the U.S. government’s final appeal to maintain mandatory country of origin labeling (COOL) rules, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a report to the House and Senate agriculture committees on Friday saying the meat labeling laws have little, if any, measurable economic benefit. The USDA’s economic analysis of… Read more »

Pig Prices Have Plummeted — Why is Bacon Still Expensive?

Remember last year, when hog prices spiked and concerns about high bacon prices hit headlines in the mainstream news? For pig producers and processors, those days are distant history, as the North American pork market has since undergone a major reversal. Not wanting to expose consumers to volatility, grocery stores generally lag behind the hog market in moving prices higher (and… Read more »

Alltech to Acquire Ridley for $521 Million

Two major players in the livestock health and nutrition business could soon be on the same team, as Alltech has entered an agreement to acquire Ridley Inc. for C$521 million. “This transformative transaction that combines two industry leaders allows Alltech to deliver better performance and value to livestock and poultry producers across the globe,” said Dr…. Read more »

Pigs and People Needed — 175 New Barns Required to Supply Maple Leaf Plant in Brandon, says Michael McCain

Years of financial and regulatory challenges have taken a toll on pork production in Manitoba, to the point where the province’s largest hog processing facility now needs around 175 new barns built to operate at full capacity, according to the company’s president and CEO. Speaking at the Manitoba Pork Council annual meeting in Winnipeg on… Read more »