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John Deere’s New Sprayer Series with Load Command, Direct Injection & More

Imagine a machine that carries all the chemical necessary for a given field, can be filled at your water station within minutes and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your cab! Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. John Deere is introducing the R-series of sprayers with new nomenclature and improved features… Read more »

In the Dirt: Maximizing the Utility of the Moldboard Plow

While it may not be the go-to piece of equipment every year, the moldboard plow can still accomplish what other implements cannot in certain circumstances. The plow’s reputation has taken a few knocks, but with careful planning and judicious use, farmers can minimize the risk of plow pan and organic matter losses and put this… Read more »

An Inside Look at the Case IH CVT Transmission in Action

If ever you’ve wanted to sneak a peek inside an engine’s inner workings, now’s your chance. The Case IH booth at Red Deer’s Agri-Trade event had a neat set up — a window into the whirly bits of the CVT transmission on its high horsepower tractors. Read More: See more tractor videos here.’s field… Read more »

New Holland T9 ’14 SmartTrax Designed to Tread Lightly, Offer Big Power

Farmers looking at the 2014 T9 New Holland tractors may now choose the redesigned SmartTrax feature. These wide, lighter and more cost-effective tracks offer a few changes over the last iteration. As Gary Wojcik, with New Holland explains in this video from the Farm Progress Show at Decatur, Illinois, New Holland’s design team has moved… Read more »

The Challenger MT800E Line is All About Power, Performance & Efficiency

There comes a point in the horsepower range where, quite frankly, you’re done with messing around. It’s time to bring out the big guns, pull some major implements and Do. It. Up. If you’re in the market for some high horsepower tractors, AGCO would like you to get to know its high horsepower line, the… Read more »

The RoGator RG700 is a Great Fit for Smaller Fields

Let’s face it, most sprayers are built to cover a lot of ground quickly. (Hi-fives all around) But what happens when when you don’t have that big area to cover? The old analogy of using a bazooka to kill a fly may not be quite as spot-on as we’d like in this situation, but that… Read more »

Seed Hawk Founder Pat Beaujot on the Future of the Company Under Vaderstad’s Ownership

If you happen to meet Pat Beaujot these days, you’ll likely get the sense that he’s a pretty happy guy. Not only has the founder of Saskatchewan-based Seed Hawk recently sold his company to Swedish Vaderstad, he also stays on in the product development role. Imagine, for a moment, that you get to choose the… Read more »

What You Need to Do to Prepare Your Seeder for Hibernation

Do you wash your seeder out when you’re done planting? Have you taken the pressure off your tank lids? Are the chains, bearings and grease-points protected from the elements? A few weeks ago we published an article addressing what you need to do to prepare machinery for storage (including a section on preventing rodent infestations —… Read more »

The Very High Clearance of New Holland’s SP333F High Clearance Sprayer

You could argue that the high clearance sprayer is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment on the farm. While planters and combines roll in intense spring and fall seasons, the sprayer runs early, often and sometimes even late into the fall for that all-important fall weed control pass. Choosing between a front mount… Read more »

Seed Hawk Bought Out By Swedish Co. Vaderstad

Langbank, Saskatchewan-based SeedHawk has been bought by its Swedish manufacturing partner Vaderstad, according to a press release. The company will maintain its head office and processing facility, home to 250 employees, at Langbank. “We see great potential in Seed Hawk. One of the keys to the North American market is local presence, and Tempo, our… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Does Controlled Traffic Farming Have a Future in Western Canada?

As the growing season winds down, it’s time to think about the best parts of winter — planning for next season and conferences! (My version of “best” my differ from yours). One of the highlights of the conference season has to be FarmTech, where farmers are challenged to evaluate their current production practices and, perhaps,… Read more »

In the Dirt: The Jackhammer Effect & the Impact on Moisture Movement

Every action on or in the soil profile has an impact on moisture moving up or down. Some passes and implement choices can have a positive impact on water infiltration, but not all do. Understanding how tillage implements impact water movement is one topic that Salford Machinery is exploring at their research site in the… Read more »

The Faresin Ecomode Self-Loading TMR Mixer Does the Job of 4 on the Farm

When you’ve got many hungry mouths to feed, efficiency counts. And while a big tractor or TMR mixer may help, the process of creating rations and feeding cattle can be made faster and more efficient through the use of a piece of equipment engineered specifically for the task at hand. The Faresin Ecomdoe self-loading TMR… Read more »

The Versatility & Multi-Purpose Use of Tillage Implements

While it would be unreasonable to expect them to come with bottle openers (for shame!), the modern tillage implement should be a multi-use tool, says Keith Belt, of Salford.’s Bernard Tobin caught up with Belt at the Farm Progress Show this last August to talk tillage and tillage implements. In the video below, Belt… Read more »

Canola School: The How & Why of Monitoring Bin Temperature & Moisture

Oilseeds are riskier to store. That’s just a fact, and canola is no different. In fact, the higher the oil content — a plus for the canola crop — is also a liability when it comes to safe storage. In the last Canola School, Keith Gabert, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada, went… Read more »