Durum wheat has historically been a profitable crop, for drier parts of the country and especially for farmers in the Palliser Triangle. Farmers are moving into durum cropping and the projected tonnage may increase to as high as six million tonnes, contrary to the projected drop in tonnage according to Statistics Canada. Neil Townsend, Senior… Read More

In unpacking the United States Department of Agriculture’s perspective on the upcoming marketing year for U.S. stocks, it looks like nothing more than a goal post at the point in the marketing year with demand just as ambiguous. The USDA’s latest WASDE report pegs new crop corn ending stocks at 3.318 billion which was below… Read More

Since the fall of 2019, beef packer profits have received major attention by ranchers and feedyards. Much of the discussion started after the packing plant fire in Kansas, but has exploded recently due to the results of the COVID-19 pandemic. Packers have struggled to stay online due to COVID-19 cases related to the plant, and… Read More