As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our clean water, living skies, the Rockies, maple syrup, playing hockey, and saying sorry. There are other things to be proud of too, like our democracy and our ability to grow food for the world’s population. It would seem, though, that when one or more of these points of… Read More

This editorial was penned and submitted by: Chris Davison, president & CEO of the Canola Council of Canada; Dean Dias, CEO of Cereals Canada, and Greg Cherewyk, president of Pulse Canada. It’s hockey playoff season in Canada. The time of the year when Canadians witness what ingredients are necessary for a successful team – a… Read More

Op-ed submitted by Ian Boxall, president of Agriculture Producers Association of Saskatchewan In a recent op-ed, Gregory Heckman, CEO of Bunge, defended the proposed merger between Bunge and Viterra, arguing that the combination would mean investment and growth for Canadian agriculture, particularly in Saskatchewan. While the optimism from a corporate standpoint is expected, given that… Read More

This op-ed was submitted to RealAgriculture by Gregory Heckman, CEO of Bunge Prairie farmers, stakeholders and communities – the teams from Bunge and Viterra have met with many of you directly or through your industry associations in recent months. We’ve listened to your concerns and have answered your questions about what the complementary combination of… Read More

By Cam Dahl, general manager for Manitoba Pork It is not your great-granddaddy’s farm anymore. While some may have nostalgia for the old farm with a little red barn that housed a few chickens, a couple of pigs, and a dairy cow, it is better for both the environment and the economy that agriculture has… Read More

When it comes to Canadian agriculture, criticism towards federal policies and their broader implications is not uncommon. Farmers’ list of grievances reflect legitimate concerns over how this federal government’s bent will shape the sector’s future. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between warranted critique and misplaced outrage. A recent social media post from Agriculture Minister Lawrence… Read More

If a report is quietly published on a government website on the Friday before the New Year’s weekend and no one is told about it, is anyone supposed to read it or respond to it? Because that’s what happened with the federal government’s “What We Heard” report after holding consultations a year ago on its… Read More

As we kick off a new year, it’s crucial for farmers and agricultural professionals to take a moment to reflect, not just on the past 12 months, but on the years gone by. Preparing for this week’s Ontario Agricultural Conference, where I will be giving a keynote presentation on effective farm management, has prompted me… Read More

In a week where the federal government rolled out a draft of its protocol for carbon offsets from reducing methane emissions, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith jabbed back relatively hard on the subject and the proposal. Environment and Climate Change Canada says the protocol for Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions from Beef Cattle (REME protocol) is intended… Read More

The agricultural industry is immensely frustrated with the challenges Bill C-234 has faced in the senate, and for good reason. As I have watched the shenanigans in the senate the past month, I have been searching for a word that describes the vibe of the situation as the supposed “independent” senators have allegedly taken marching… Read More


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