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Canola School: Assessing Aster Yellows Late in the Season, Plus a Research Update

As the canola crop moves out of flower and into pod fill, farmers start to notice misshapen pods. Some curl from thrips damage, others may have insect feeding damage, but it’s the tell-tale bladder-like pods of aster yellows that will make many farmers  — hit hard by last year’s infection — cringe when they see… Read more »

Canola School: Aster Yellows: Why it’s Best to Leave the Sprayer in the Shed

Two years ago if you had asked the average Saskatchewan canola grower what aster yellows was, they likely wouldn’t have been too concerned about it, if they had ever heard of it at all. That’s because aster yellows, a disease carried by the aster leafhopper insect that mangles the buds/pods of a plant, typically occurs… Read more »