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Ontario in Mid-April: Red-Tipped Wheat, the End of Maple Syrup Season, and Attacking Early flowering weeds

The pictures are rolling in and it appears that the wheat that did get in the ground last fall (or was it winter?) did actually make it. Maple syrup season has wrapped up, to mixed reviews on volume (but you can bet it still tastes great), but that also means it’s warming up — and a… Read more »

VOTE NOW: Which UofG Crops 4240 Group Made the Best Weed ID Video

This semester at the University of Guelph, Ontario Agriculture College, Francois Tardif and Mike Cowbrough‘s Crops 4240 – Undergraduate Weed Science students were given the assignment of making a weed identification  video for a weed commonly found in Ontario. The objective is for the students to discuss identification at different growth stages and  methods of control of… Read more »