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Wheat Pete’s Word, Oct 26 — A New World in Seed Treatments (again), High Test Weights, & Strip-Till vs No-Till Beans

Harvest is rocking and rolling for most corn and soybean growers in Ontario save for @WheatPete himself who took an equipment breakdown as a chance to get the Word done early this week. This week’s Wheat Pete’s Word covers a lot of ground, including the why behind high test weight corn, the nitrogen connection to high… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, Oct 7 — Soybean Yields, Dwarf Bunt and the Bad Boys Club

How’s wheat planting coming along? Are you all done? Call 1-844-540-2014 or tweet @WheatPete to leave your feedback and questions for Wheat Pete! In this instalment of Wheat Pete’s Word, resident agronomist and host Peter Johnson covers a long list of topics, including what wheat plant populations should look like in fields that have already emerged… Read more »

Syngenta Expands Corn Rootworm Protection Options with Duracade Trait

Canadian corn growers will have access in 2014 to a novel source of corn rootworm protection as Syngenta Canada rolls out its Agrisure Duracade trait. The Duracade trait is the first corn rootworm trait launched with insect resistance management and the preservation of technology durability in mind, says Syngenta in a press release. It will… Read more »