In theory, consumers’ willingness-to-pay should rise with the quality of a cut of beef, resulting in more value for the entire beef supply chain. But do beef grading factors — both quality and yield — actually pay in the real world? The answer is “yes,” right from the consumer back to the cow-calf producer, says… Read More

When you hear “Lamborghini,” do you think of luxurious, fast, high-end…tractors? It’s true, Ferruccio Lamborghini and his family were in the business of manufacturing tractors before they started making legendary sports cars. They eventually sold the tractor business, but the Lamborghini Trattori brand of tractors lives on as part of Same Deutz-Fahr — the Italian agricultural… Read More

In recognition of Remembrance Day,this podcast explores the role Canadian agriculture played in World War I and World War II, with an emphasis on prairie agriculture, and how farms were impacted by conscription, rations and a drive to produce. The voices you’ll hear are those of your host, Debra Murphy; historian and assistant professor, Eric Strikwerda; and… Read More

A farm consulting company that grew from one person in Red Deer, Alberta 17 years ago to a network of over 200 specialists today has been sold to one of the heavyweights in the precision agriculture and geospatial business, as Trimble announced Tuesday it is buying all the assets of Agri-Trend. Agri-Trend’s network includes more… Read More

AGCO has set its sights on the utility tractor market and is producing four new tractors to ensure it hits the target. Farmers got their first look at the new Massey Ferguson 2700E series at the 2015 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. Warren Morris, tactical marketing manager at AGCO, says the tractors are ideal… Read More

In case anybody needs reminding, agriculture is a cyclical business. It’s important to pad the balance sheet during good years to ensure a farm or business remains healthy during tougher times, as parts of the ag industry are experiencing right now. In this “Mind Your Farm Business” episode, we focus on using a balance sheet… Read More

In the run up to Canada’s 42nd election, diverse representation was brought up again and again in leaders’ debates and in campaign promises. Today, the House of Commons has the representation of nearly 40 visible minorities and equal numbers of male and female Ministers. And the topic hasn’t been far from the minds of agricultural… Read More