There are many priorities that influence how land is used — the need for housing and economic development often drives the conversion of farmland and natural habitat into urban or suburban landscapes, but food security, productivity, biodiversity, crop or livestock prices, renewable energy policy, and of course, NIMBYism are among the many factors that can… Read More

Farmers across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have access to a new risk mapping tool for assessing fusarium head blight (FHB), fusarium damaged kernels, and deoxynivalenol (DON) risk levels in spring wheat, winter wheat, barley and durum based on weather conditions. The weather-based risk is calculated using real-time weather data from more than 500 stations operated… Read More

Winter canola fields are popping up all over Ontario. Across the province, acreage for the entire oilseed crop typically checks in around 40,000 acres, with about one third of the crop being planted in the fall, the rest being spring canola. Over the past five years, however, winter canola has been gaining momentum in the… Read More

Thanks for tuning into this Wednesday edition of RealAg Radio! On this episode, host Shaun Haney is joined by: Brian Voth with IntelliFarm on the markets and how that has affected farmers confidence in marketing the 2024 crop; Sarah Healy with Stratus Research on farmers use of Biostimulants in Canada and the U.S.; Justine Hendricks… Read More

As promised, Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson is answering the very difficult question of when to swap out corn hybrids on this episode of Wheat Pete’s Word. If the weather doesn’t cooperate for eastern Ontario growers especially, farmers may have to move to shorter season hybrids as early as next week. But don’t worry, this week’s… Read More

The insect world is a fascinating mix of prey and predator. Wherever there are insects — pest or beneficial — there are dynamic interactions  that can greatly impact behaviour and even population dynamics, even if insects are not being eaten or attacked. Understanding the stress of interaction and awareness of their enemies without actually being… Read More

What are dairy farmers looking for when they source sawdust bedding for their cows? Some farmers want it fine and others prefer a coarse product, but everybody wants dry sawdust, says Pat Liew, business development director of Ecostrat, which markets the cow bedding to farmers across North America. The company’s been in the paper, plastics… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to this Tuesday with Lyndsey edition of RealAg Radio. Host Lyndsey Smith is joined by: Paul Hermans with Pioneer Seed Canada on when to why switching corn hybrids in late May can pay dividends; Robin Anderson with Canadian Agricultural Safety Association on the very first Kids FarmSafe Week; Stacey Domolewski with… Read More

Wet spring conditions across Ontario have some corn growers contemplating whether it’s time to switch hybrids and plant shorter season corn hybrids. In Eastern Ontario, Pioneer Seeds Canada agronomist Paul Hermans is one of many agronomists fielding calls from growers looking for insight on when to make a swap. Planting progress varies from 15 percent… Read More

Farm kids are the next generation of farmers and it’s up to the current generation to keep them safe. This week, May 13 to 19, 2024, marks the first-ever Kids FarmSafe week hosted by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) with presenting sponsor BASF Canada. Robin Anderson, director of programs and communications for CASA, says… Read More

With everything coming back to life after a long winter, producers are eagerly anticipating putting cattle out to grass and ending the daily feeding required of wintering livestock. With the shift in season often comes question of how early is too early for turnout and what mineral package — if any — needs supplied early… Read More


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