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RealAg Radio, Sept 24: Harvest progress and soybean laundering

Today on the show we focus on harvest progress across the country with a number of guests and a variety of view points. On today’s show, we get crop updates from Roberta Galbraith, Megz Reynolds, and our own Dale Leftwich. If you want to update us on your harvest progress, you can email Shaun at [email protected]Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 21: Diversifying trade, U.S. cattle on feed and a quiet NAFTA week is a good thing

Today on RealAg Radio, host Shaun Haney opens the show by reading an email from a listener who is finding it difficult to enjoy harvest. Jessika is at the Canadian Farm Writers national meeting in Winnipeg, so Shaun renames the top ag news stories of the the day, “news without Guse”! The top stories feature… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept. 20: Huge U.S. beef recall, CN Rail latest update, and the impact of ASF

RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney explores the benefits of cold breakfast pizza, the need to enjoy harvest time, and reads a listener’s email on what creates the west versus east sentiment among some Canadians. News with Guse (minus the Guse) features Shaun covering the highlights of the slow-moving NAFTA talks today featuring audio from Maxime… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 19: NAFTA deal looming, corn on the rise, and cage-free donuts?

RealAg Radio host, Shaun Haney, is back from a trip to New York! Get ready to hear about what he thinks about a “free-range” or “cage-free” pastry shop he passed while walking the city. News with Guse might be sticking around after all… News lead, Jessika Guse breaks down the top ag news stories of… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 18: Hog markets, nitrates, and agriculture excellence

Occasional host Lyndsey Smith is back in the broadcasting booth for today’s edition of RealAg Radio. On this Tuesday show we’ve got: The News with Guse, featuring Jessika Guse, where they tackle Trump tariffs, livestock market woes, carinata fuel, and frozen apples #newswithguse; Karin Lindquist with Alberta Agriculture talking frost risks and nitrate accumulation in… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 17: Snow, green beans, dead weeds, and putting planning on the calendar

While it’s not every Monday that Lyndsey Smith gets to host the show, when she does she very nearly ruins things (sorry, Shaun). After a little mix-up just ahead of air-time (in which Lyndsey aged 10 years), this Agronomic Monday show rolls out in fine form, featuring: Ken Currah, with BASF, talking bad weeds and… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 14: NAFTA, swine flu, hurricanes, foreign investment, and big tractors

While regular host Shaun Haney is away in New York, occasional host Lyndsey Smith stick-handles today’s episode of RealAg Radio. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from: News lead Jessika Guse not once but twice, as Smith and Guse try and catch up on a week’s worth of news in just two segments; Mitch Kaiser, with… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 13: The U.S. crop grows, electrostatic spraying, and veggies in Ontario

It’s day three at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, and that’s where you’ll find host Shaun Haney at the  Climate Fieldview booth for today’s show. Although it’s been partly cloudy for the day at the farm show, that doesn’t mean our guests can’t brighten up your day. On today’s show you’ll hear from: Mathew Pot from… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 12: Max production research, preventing downtime, and a Q and A

It’s day two of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show at Woodstock, Ontario. Shaun Haney hosts the jam-packed show from the PRIDE Seeds pavilion at the show. Today’s show features: Aaron Stevanus of PRIDE Seeds explains their new research on maximizing production works on an acre basis or even less than that by changing hybrids and populations… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept. 11: Live from COFS, rural broadband access, and a fun panel discussion

Shaun Haney hosts the show Tuesday from the PRIDE Seeds booth at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show at Woodstock, Ontario. Joining him are guests: Keith Currie, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture who speaks about OFA’s push for rural broadband access. Dan Foster of PRIDE Seeds to talk about AgriShield, the product spotlight for today. The… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept. 10: AAFC unveils app, faba bean harvest prep, and wet weather woes for Ontario’s corn crop

RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney, opens agronomic Monday with news about a new app from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). Saskatchewan field editor Dale Leftwich speaks to field crop entomologist Tyler Wist, from AAFC, about their new Cereal Aphid Manager (CAM) app. It’s the first app AAFC has ever had and features pictures both of the… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 7: Goodbye, so long, until next time Kelvin Heppner

Friday on RealAg Radio was a special day of wishing Kelvin Heppner all the best in his quest to become a full-time farmer. After four years with RealAgriculture, Kelvin definitely left his impression on the ag media industry and the audience. Today’s show features: Well wishes for Kelvin from Shaun – We all have dreams… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Sept 6: STARS, StatsCan stocks, and national food policy findings

Kelvin Heppner takes the reins as host of Thursday’s RealAg Radio show, where: He starts off with discussion about the importance of STARS in rural communities across Western Canada, and how one Manitoba farmer is working to raise $50,000 for the organization. Kelvin is then joined by Jessika Guse to discuss the top ag news… Read more »

RealAg Radio, September 5: Bank of Canada holds off hike, first frost, & listener calls

On Wednesday’s show, with host Shaun Haney: Top ag news, with Kelvin Heppner, including the first widespread frost on the prairies (while southern Ontario experiences another heat wave), Canada-U.S. trade talks resuming in Washington, the Bank of Canada delays another interest rate hike, and more Rocky Talk, with Joel Hoehn of Rocky Mountain Equipment on… Read more »

RealAg Radio, September 4: Canada-U.S. trade talks, canola research funding, & figuring out average yields

On Tuesday’s show, with host Shaun Haney: Top ag news with Kelvin Heppner, including the latest on NAFTA talks to resume on Wednesday, canola research funding announced by Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay near Winnipeg on Tuesday (pictured above), the sale of the Port of Churchill, and more Product spotlights with Nutrien on the company’s new… Read more »