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RealAg Radio, Jan 11: Virtual reality, lentil meatballs and keyboard warriors

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show asking what you do with your extra time. If we are creating efficiencies in farming and agriculture, is our additional time benefiting the business, or are we giving ourselves much-needed personal time too? When is the last time you went fishing, hiking, hunting, or just sat down to… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 10: Fungicides, bin size and target plant populations

Today’s show is once again coming to us from Saskatoon, SK, where host Shaun Haney is on location for the Western Canadian Crop Production Show. On today’s episode: Tim Gardner, Bayer, talks about some of the company’s research into fungicides in cereal crops, with a focus on application timing, disease management during dry years, and… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 9: Crop Production Show and tips for effective pre-seed herbicide application

Today’s radio show is coming to you from Saskatoon, SK, where host Shaun Haney is stationed at Western Canadian Crop Production Show for a few days. Today, on the show: Highlights from the show with Lori Cates, manager – agriculture at Prairieland Park. Jean Lundquist from NuFarm provides an update from Saskatoon, touches on market… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 8: Intercropping, UAVs and solar brightening

It’s Agronomy Monday. Host Shaun Haney starts the conversation off talking about today’s highly anticipated talk from President Donald Trump at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s convention today in Tennessee. Also on the show: Resident agronomist Peter Johnson and Pride Seeds’ Dan Foster join for an Agronomy Panel, covering topics like using an unmanned aerial… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 5: Seed tests, beef markets and the push for a meat sin tax

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show with a discussion around chaos — increasing political division — and the importance in keeping an open mind, and working towards compromise. Then: Top Ag News What hidden surprises could be lurking in your seed? Sarah Foster, 20/20 Seed Labs, joins to talk about the importance of testing… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 4: Leadership debates, meat demand and Wheat Pete’s Word

Host Shaun Haney starts the show off with a discussion stemming from the agricultural debate held for the Saskatchewan Party leadership candidates yesterday. Top Ag News Bio-Sul from Bio-Cycle Solutions An update on Day 2 of the Southwest Agricultural Conference in Ontario, with RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin Wheat Pete’s Word Join us for RealAg Radio every… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 3: Outlooks on the equipment business and the Canadian economy

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show talking about New Year’s Resolutions, and how to achieve our goals. Then: Top Ag News An outlook for the equipment business in 2018, and access to parts with Garret Ganden, CEO of Rocky Mountain Equipment. RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin provides an update on Day 1 of the Southwest Agricultural… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 2: Extreme cold, CRISPR cocoa and the global tax war

Happy New Year! After a brief hiatus with food, family and friends, host Shaun Haney is back to ring in the new year with today’s episode of the show. In it: Top Ag News with RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner Resident agronomist Peter Johnson (@wheatpete) joins the show for this Tuesday edition of Agronomy Monday. Johnson and… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Dec 22: Special Edition — A year in review and a look to the new

First off, is Bailey’s only a Canadian thing? Or do Americans drink it in their coffee too? Then, on the show, RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner address the following questionnaire to summarize the year that was, and look forward to the next one: What was the most overused word or term of 2017? Name… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Dec 21: Price-fixing, pulse tariffs and frost-seeding

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show speaking about the recent price-fixing scandal in bread, and what this means for consumer trust. Also on the show: Top Ag News What could the new pulse tariffs do to acreage in 2018? Dwight Nichol, DLN AgVentures. Dalhousie University’s Sylvain Charlebois on the price-fixing news (was he shocked… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Dec 20: Price-fixing, oil versus grain, and Ontario’s supply issue.

Today on the show: Top Ag News Rocky Talk – An update from New Holland. The Ontario corn and soybean market; and how to get through this supply issue with Peter Archer, Maizeing Acres. Are the rails too tied up with oil to deliver grain? CN Rail’s David Przednowek joins the show. Join us for RealAg… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Dec 19: Meatless burgers, a new port facility and an update from Washington

Host Shaun Haney starts the show talking about water use in the beef industry. This, he says, needs more focus. We need to communicate this story. Also on the show: Top Ag News Farm Journal Pro’s Jim Wiesemeyer joins for an update from Washington — What is the intention of the Trump administration as it… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Dec 18: New corn yield record, intercropping for rookies, and rolling for yield

On Monday’s edition of RealAg Radio: Shaun and Kelvin discuss the day’s top news, including a new corn yield record set by David Hula (542 bu/ac!), lacklustre rail service and the latest surrounding Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto Lana Shaw of the Southeast Research Farm at Redvers, Saskatchewan on where to begin if you’re looking at… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Dec 15: Grain markets, clean fuel and MacDon’s big sale

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show talking music, and supporting autism charities. Check out our ‘Friends of Len’ post for the details, and listen to learn how you can win a free CD. Also on the show today: Top Ag News Matthew Pot, GrainPerspectives, joins the show for an update on the grain markets…. Read more »

RealAg Radio, Dec 14: Grocery trade, interest rates, and plant protein opportunities

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show talking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s relationship with Canadian farmers (from trade to transportation). Also on the show: Plant protein opportunities for Canadian farmers, with Canada West Foundation’s Carlo Dade. The Federal Open Market Committee increased interest rates. Farm Credit Canada’s chief economist JP Gervais on the impact to… Read more »