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RealAg Radio, Feb 14: Government funding, UAVs and ideal conditions for frost-seeding

It’s a busy week for the team, split between Canada’s Ag Day (check out yesterday’s show for coverage) in Ottawa, ON; National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky; and CropConnect in Winnipeg, MB. Today’s show comes to us from Louisville, and covers: Top Ag News – Federal government announced six programs under CAP, Ontario’s provincial government… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 13: Consumer trust, protein markets and “celebrating the food we love”

Co-hosts Shaun Haney and Lyndsey Smith are “celebrating the food we love” today, in Ottawa. The duo discuss Canada’s Ag Day, what it means to them, and what’s going on in the country’s capital. Then: Today’s reality in the protein market, with Jeff Simmons, CEO of Elanco Animal Health Success in pulses, plant protein hype,… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 12: Solutions for soil variability, terrain-following tech, and worries of drought

After a cold weekend on the prairies, we’re back with Agronomic Monday. Host Shaun Haney starts the show off by sharing feedback, and talking about how some respondents feel about their retails. Then: Planting multiple hybrids in the same field, based on soil variability, with Pride Seeds market agronomist Aaron Stevanus. Using terrain-following technology, and paying… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 9: Soya think you can grow beans

Are soybeans the new, hot crop? Host Shaun Haney starts the show with some staggering statistics, in this special episode featuring soybeans. On the show today: Similarities and differences between growing soybeans in Canada versus the U.S., with Minnesota soybean product selection lead Mike Tollefson. Field trials and the value of soybeans in a western… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 8: NAFTA’s new name, more meat, and Wheat Pete

How much do you think about your ag retail? How do you choose where to shop? That’s where host Shaun Haney starts out this episode of the show. Then: Issues Panel – RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner, Lyndsey Smith and Bernard Tobin join the show to talk Super Bowl predictions, Germany’s seemingly tumultuous relationship with glyphosate, Canada’s… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 7: Exclusionary policy, ideological activism and refining the farm business

Worry abound for 2018 — is this the year of the next great drought? RealAgriculture’s founder and host of the show, Shaun Haney, talks about the ‘d’ word, and how it’s weighing on producer decisions. Then: Top Ag News – Should agriculture be concerned about federal fisheries legislation? An update on trade challenges with India…. Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 6: Stocks report, acreage expectations and tractor tech

RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner guest hosts this episode of the show, covering: Top Ag News – StatsCan’s stocks report as of Dec 31, Cargill talking about selling Ontario crop input and grain handling sites, Milligan Biofuels enters receivership, and more. Acreage expectations for 2018 with Dwight Nichol, DLN AgVentures. Are equipment manufacturers becoming software companies? How… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 5: Clubroot, the kitchen sink, and overzealous population projections

It’s trade show season, and we have spent a great deal of time talking about the shows we’re covering, but one we haven’t talked much about on the show is our very own TechTour Live, and Lethbridge is already sold out! Take a gander and book your tickets to Brandon, MB; Saskatoon, SK; and Red… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 2: Politics, population and cheesesteak vs chowder

When asked about people of different political stripes, we often expect politicians to respond with negativity. But Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper took the high road at FarmTech this week, saying, if given the chance, he would ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau how it’s going — how he’s handling the pressure, how his family is… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Feb 1: Ag politics, extreme cold and highly effective farm managers

It’s our third and final day at FarmTech. Today, on the show: Alberta farmer Darcy Hilgartner joins host Shaun Haney to discuss his operation, his involvement in ag politics, and this year’s crop choices; Is there an adequate amount of research investment going into herbicide resistance? Pierre Petell, CropLife Canada, joins the show to talk… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 31: Moisture concerns, CPTPP excitement and Do More

We’re into Day 2 at FarmTech in Edmonton, AB. The crowd is buzzing, and today’s show is packed with on-location interviews: Scooped off the tradeshow floor, FarmTech delegate Matt Gosling joins the show to talk about Premium Ag, soil moisture concerns, and considering taking peas out of the rotation. Getting the crop off to a… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 30: Grain markets, the 7 habits of successful farm managers, and the evolution of FarmTech

Over 2,000 farm, plant, and insect enthusiasts have taken over Northlands in Edmonton, for the city’s annual FarmTech event. Recording from the show, host Shaun Haney covers: What makes Climate FieldView different from other data platforms, with Denise Hockaday. Dale Uglem, chair of Farmtech, joins to discuss the team behind the show, its evolution, the kind… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 29: Boosting yield through kernel size, winter crop killers, and an interview with Farmer Tim

We’re celebrating the fifth Monday of January in style with this week’s edition of the RealAg Radio agronomy show. Your host Shaun Haney is joined by none other than RealAgriculture’s agronomist and general wheat enthusiast Peter Johnson to tackle your biggest agronomy questions, such as if winter crops have died all their deaths yet. They… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 26: Organic funding, rural mail and red tape

We’ve got a fun Friday show lined up for you today, with the majority of the content team joining host Shaun Haney for a hot topic discussion on the latest Canadian ag news. What you can look forward to in today’s show: Top Ag News – Organic funding announced; the dairy hang-up; a discussion on… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Jan 25: Allegations, groceries and opportunities in entrepreneurship

Some are calling it an astonishing, historic night for Ontario politics, as the province’s Progressive Conservative Party is without a leader less than five months before a provincial election. Host Shaun Haney and field editor Kelvin Heppner talk it out in the Top Ag News. Then: The challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship with Carl Gould, president… Read more »