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Wheat Pete’s Word, June 3 — A Billion Dollar Rain, Re-Scouting Frost-Damaged Fields, and Haying Kicks Off

The rain came, but was it in time? For those crops that escaped frost damage, this last week’s weather has been well worth the wait. For those anticipating new corn and soybean growth, however, the last week has led to more disappointments than expected. What’s going on? Peter Johnson kicks off this week’s Word with… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, May 27 — A Severe Frost, Replant Decisions and a Strong Caution on Winter Wheat Apps

There’s no shortage of heartache or questions stemming from last week’s extreme frost event across much of Ontario’s growing region. Temps dropped as low as -8 degrees C, if you can believe it, and it wasn’t just corn and soybean crops hit hard by the cold weather — tender fruit, horticulture and vegetable crops have… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word — May 20: Weed Escapes, Spray Timing and Manganese on Wheat

The 2015 planting season is moving right into spraying season, as this week’s update from Wheat Pete includes discussion about early weed control in dry conditions, critical weed-free periods for corn and soybeans, and manganese deficient wheat. Whether it’s lamb’s quarters, pigweed, ragweed or foxtail, “you name it, it’s out there coming gangbusters,” says Peter Johnson. And… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word —  May 13: Caution for Cool Weather Ahead, When to Plant Edibles & Wheat Nutrient Deficiencies

What a week! The planting is going fast and furious, and farmers are getting itchy for rain. In this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word, hosted by Peter Johnson, we tackle why a dry spring is a-OK and why not to worry too much about rain just yet. What’s more concerning is the downright cool weather forecast… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word — May 6: Too-Deep Tillage, Sad-Looking Wheat, Corn Stalk Bales, & Alfalfa Establishment

We’re into the first week of May, and the challenges facing farmers this year couldn’t be any more different than last year, even if we planned it. Speaking of polar opposite, let’s kick off this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word with a look at the tale of two wheat crops — those that look GREAT, and… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word for Late April: A Dry Spell, Basis Moves, Tank Mix Reminders & Soybeans on Virgin Ground

We’re about to flip the calendar to May, and, perhaps surprisingly, soil moisture is becoming a bit of an issue for those rolling in the fields, says Peter Johnson, in this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word. What can you do about soil that’s drying out too quickly? Well, you’re doing to have to adjust planting depth… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word: Plant’15 Begins, Celebrating Soil, Trouble in the Corn Bins and More

Did you know it’s Soil Conservation Week? Here we are just one day after Earth Day, and in that spirit Peter Johnson kicks off this week’s crop update with a challenge for farmers. When’s the last time you sat at the kitchen table and talked about your farm’s biggest asset, the soil? Johnson says if… Read more »