How cold does it need to be to try and harvest snowed-in corn? That answer depends on the combine you’re running, says Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson on this episode of Wheat Pete’s Word. This week’s episode also features a discussion on nitrogen management, losses, cover crop tie-up of nutrients, and an increase in fines on… Read More

What is your time worth? This week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word encourages everyone to slow down for two major reasons: one, time is fleeting and the years we get with our kids and our loved ones are short; and, two, working safe on the farm and the roads requires a stop, look, act approach…. Read More

Corn on corn shouldn’t be the plan, but when it is, make sure the stalks are baled and returned as manure, says Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson. In this early November episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, our host shares insight in to what’s causing corn field fires, how much stress tolerance has improved in crop types,… Read More

What does triticale have to do with reduced soybean yields? What’s the payoff to longer season hybrids? And why on earth would someone rake up corn?! Tap below (or download for later) and hear this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word for all these answers and so much more. Have a question you’d like Johnson… Read More

Halloween may be just days away, but we’re trying to make things as scary as possible around here. Want to be horrified by thistles in IP beans? What about the spectre of DON-heavy corn? Shriek at the thought of disappearing yield! That’s right, this episode of Wheat Pete’s Word is full of super scary agronomic… Read More

The password is: Incredible! This week, host Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson is PUMPED about a number of things, including some new records, and some very cool plot results. Plus, he shares some listener feedback and a challenge to support a great organization. Oh, and there’s some great agronomic discussions, too. Have a question you’d like… Read More

Finally, there is some plot data coming in for discussion! And that makes host of Wheat Pete’s Word, Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson, incredibly happy. Why? Because even a “no yield response” is a valuable lesson and it’s more fun when we all learn together. In this week’s episode, Johnson talks corn harvest, weed control, and… Read More

In case you were wondering, this is episode 381 of Wheat Pete’s Word. That’s a whole lot of agronomy, with host Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson, and we’ve got plenty more! It’s almost Thanksgiving, and there are so many things to be thankful for. Keep those things at the forefront of your mind as we head… Read More

The host of Wheat Pete’s Word has a jam packed episode for you today, as always! Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson covers some quick updates from growers in the Maritimes, as they deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. As well, he’s hopeful that he’s going to win (win what, we’re not sure), as yields are… Read More

Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson is feeling pretty good this fall, as Ontario yield numbers on his very favourite wheat crop are rolling in, and the yields are pretty strong. Will it be a new provincial record? That’s yet to be determined, but the numbers are promising. This week, the host of Wheat Pete’s Word tackles… Read More

It’s farm show week in Ontario, but it’s also the very beginning of soybean harvest in the province. The agronomy questions continue to roll in, especially for those keen producers looking to grow great wheat. In this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word, Peter Johnson has plenty of answers on perfecting wheat planting and much more! Have… Read More

How many times a season do you leave a test strip? Many test strips happen by accident — like running out of pop-up fertilizer, or forgetting to turn the sprayer back on — but lessons learned from a test strip are just as valuable whether left on purpose or because of a whoops. In this… Read More

On Wednesdays we listen to Wheat Pete’s Word. Welcome back to another episode as we close out August and look forward to September. On today’s show, Peter ‘Wheat Pete’ Johnson dives into some of the yield numbers coming out of Ontario, which in most areas, are turning out better than expected. He also goes over… Read More

A wordlet. What a weird word, says RealAgriculture’s resident agronomist, Peter Johnson. Today’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word is just that — a wordlet — because it’s not a full episode. (And also, it’s Friday, not Wednesday, so how about that!) If you haven’t had a chance to check out this weeks’ full episode, do… Read More

Wednesdays are for Wheat Pete’s Word! This late August episode of the Word features some yield estimates with a discussion on whether to over- or under-estimate, a first look at fungicide pay-back on wheat, the mightiness of rye in rotation, and why waterhemp is a menace. Have a question you’d like Johnson to address or… Read More


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