How early is too early for wheat? How late is too late for tar spot to steal yield? Are too-late silks a high-risk for gibberella? This week’s version of Wheat Pete’s Word tackles those questions and much more! Have a question you’d like Johnson to address or some yield results to send in? Disagree with… Read More

There’s so much going on this week in agriculture! In the west, field days are winding down, but there are still a few chances for Ontario growers to participate in some learning events, including an upcoming field day on compaction. Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson is encouraging all to attend, and also covers the top agronomic… Read More

August is officially here and it’s time for another edition of Wheat Pete’s Word. On this week’s instalment, RealAgriculture’s Peter Johnson has a few surprises, and unfortunately for many, we aren’t talking about the good kind of surprise. Johnson discusses some of the ongoing and surprise insect issues plaguing producers along with diseases that have… Read More

We’re rounding out the last full week of July, and some areas of Ontario are just getting by with a few dribs and drabs of rain here and there. Still others have enjoyed plentiful moisture and will be on patrol to find signs of western bean cutworm, white mould, and aphids. For this week’s edition… Read More

When it comes to yield, is it heads per square foot that matter the most or an ideal grain fill period? This year, at least, a pretty great grain filling period is making up for fewer than ideal heads, reports Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson, so that’s something, but not something we can control — unlike… Read More

Some areas of Ontario got a much needed shot of rain this week, but several corn fields in the southern regions are rolling up and hurting for moisture at a critical time. Host Peter Johnson tackles why that matters in this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, plus he navigates the tar spot risk spectrum,… Read More

What an odd summer this has been already! Too wet in some areas, far too dry in others, a mean flip from one to the other, and too much wind. The markets have done some wild swings, too, and the host of Wheat Pete’s Word has decided to move to England! Well, OK, he’s visiting… Read More

Sometimes, it’s the weather than gets farmers excited about double cropping, other times, it’s crop prices. The 2022 growing season looked like it was shaping up for an early wheat harvest in Ontario but recent dry weather has slowed things down. This week on Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson tackles water use in corn… Read More

The sins of the spring are expected to show up about now in the crop, but what about weather conditions last fall? This week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word fields several questions about strange observations in the field: from stressed corn, weirdly tall wheat, tire-track greenness and much more. Have a question you’d like Johnson… Read More

What’s happening this week in Canadian farm fields? Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson has the latest questions and some answers. In this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, Pete tackles clover and hay questions, thin wheat stands, planting depth on corn and how to get that last bit of N on the wheat crop out west…. Read More

If you’re the happiest farmer in the world right now, you might be in Alberta, or maybe Ontario, as both regions got some much needed and timely rain respectively. For southern Manitoba and eastern Ontario, however, conditions are either get-the-seeder-stuck wet or make-the-wheat-pink wet. Early heat this season is pushing some insect populations higher than… Read More

It’s June 1st, do you know how many heads per square foot the tile-run wheat has? This last week has been one of scouting for the host of Wheat Pete’s Word. Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson has more than a few alerts and observations for the week’s podcast. From head counts and rapidly approaching T3 timing… Read More

It’s the last Wheat Pete’s Word of May! Very quickly are the growing months going to fly by… On this episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson discusses wild weather, why talking to the public matters, the importance of not beating yourself up, and so much more. Have a question you’d like Johnson to… Read More

It’s mid-May, but you almost wouldn’t know it by looking at seeding progress in Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan. Super-dry Alberta and suddenly-warm Ontario bookend the seeding and planting progress and average things out (what does average really tell us, anyway?). On this episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson brings us up to… Read More

Have a question you’d like Johnson to address or some yield results to send in? Disagree with something he’s said? Leave him a message at 1-888-746-3311, send him a tweet (@wheatpete), or email him at [email protected] Summary: Go time, y’all But go safe. Share the road, respect the farm equipment The Habs got the first… Read More


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