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When Weeds Won’t Die — Ep. 5: Why You Must Mix It Up

Have we reached the point where glyphosate should not be applied alone at pre- or post-harvest? It’s a stunning thought, isn’t it? In this fifth and final installment of the When Weeds Won’t Die series, Real Agriculture’s editor, Lyndsey Smith, asks Dr. Hugh Beckie this very important question. His answer? You’ll have to listen below… Read more »

When Weeds Won’t Die — Ep. 4: How Well Do you Know Your Weeds?

How good is your weed identification? If you had to answer if a weed was a “late flushing” weed or a winter annual, could you answer? While no weed specialist expects every farmer to be a weed expert, knowing a few specific details about your enemy is actually quite helpful in the war on resistance…. Read more »

When Weeds Won’t Die — Ep. 3: Confirming Suspicions & Taking the Next Steps Towards Management

From seeding rates, to seeding date, crop rotation and more, managing herbicide resistant weeds is about so much more than just what you decide to spray your fields with. That’s because each decision that impacts weed pressure, also impacts weed control, and every time you go over your crops with a herbicide, you’re putting selection… Read more »

When Weeds Won’t Die — Ep. 2: The NIMBY Principle & Farmer Perceptions on Herbicide Resistance

Have you seen the NIMBY principle in action? It stands for “not in my backyard,” and it shows up in all manner of ways in agriculture — from the downplaying of potential problems, to perceptions on herbicide resistant weeds. How prevalent is it? In this second installment of Real Agriculture’s podcast focused on herbicide resistant… Read more »

When Weeds Won’t Die — Ep. 1: The Different Kinds of Herbicide Resistance

What’s the difference between non-performance of a herbicide application and weeds being resistant to the herbicide application? While less-than-stellar control can happen for a number of reasons, it’s usually marked by sprayer-associated-patterns in a field. Herbicide resistance, however, can be much more subtle but far more serious in the long run. Herbicide resistant weeds are… Read more »