We’re expecting we’ll get an official look at the vision of what Cereals Canada is calling the Global Agriculture Technology Exchange, or GATE in the coming days. The underlying concept is not a new one, necessarily. The idea of a “Grains Centre of Excellence” nestled in downtown Winnipeg that would bring together the major crop… Read More

Depending on where you farm, you’re either rejoicing in a return to moisture (but where is the warmth?) or cursing the clouds that continue to roll in, day after day. Canada is a big place, and it’s never a good idea to make generalizations; however, generally speaking the Prairies are in a much better moisture… Read More

It only takes a split second of inattention, spurred by rushing or fatigue, for a near-miss to become a life-altering event. If that sounds dramatic, so be it. I’m not sure I’ve ever spoken to someone who has been in a farm accident who said they saw it coming. Too often we think we’re fast… Read More

Unless you count volcanic eruptions out at sea (and we don’t), every year there are fewer and fewer acres available for growing food, building houses, or setting aside for habitat. The decision of what should be built where or how land should be used is a complicated, complex, and controversial topic. In this episode of… Read More

Canada has finally decided on how crop varieties developed with gene-editing technology will be handled in the registration and approval process. Announced last week, crops developed using the technique will not be considered a GMO or “novel” and therefore will have a more streamlined path to approval. Now that plant breeders and seed companies know… Read More

If current crop prices, input prices, equipment values, and interest rates have you reconsidering a major purchase, you’re not alone. Thinning crop margins and an increasingly more challenging farm financial outlook for the year are showing up in some equipment sales trends and forecasts. Large equipment purchases are rarely snap decisions, however, and many farms need… Read More

Before the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, a.k.a New NAFTA, CUSMA, or USMCA, comes up for review in July of 2026, Canada, Mexico, and the United States will all have gone through a federal election. Two of the three countries could have the same leader in place as today; however, that’s unlikely. It is also possible that… Read More

Canada added 40,000 jobs last month, but the unemployment rate actually climbed to 5.8%, since we’re still adding more people than jobs to the economy. For those in the agriculture sector, we know all too well just how tight the labour market has been and will be going forward. On the national scope, the Canadian… Read More

There are at least two options for increasing efficiency on the farm: use wider, larger equipment or use smaller technology that gets the job done faster. In the race between larger equipment and automation, which class do you think is winning? (Hint: it’s bigger engines and wider equipment). This week was Commodity Classic in Houston,… Read More

Like many technological advances, drones have become more user-friendly, less expensive, and more useful over time. Drones – or UAVs – have several uses in agriculture, from scouting and checking cattle, to mapping, and more recently, seeding crops and even spraying. But drones are still a cost, require learning, and have limits in what they… Read More

Never mind what the overgrown rodent says on February 2nd — the most important opinion on when spring arrives is our own. While we may not be able to influence the outcome, farmers everywhere anxiously anticipate the kick-off to the growing season. Whether it’s waiting on warm soil for soybeans or fresh grass for cows,… Read More

Are you ready for it? It’s time for one of the most difficult choices you’re going to have to make this week — picking a winning team for the upcoming Super Bowl. That’s right, February 11, two NFL teams will meet for a giant spectacle of sportsing, possible Taylor Swift spotting, and cheering for the… Read More


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