Like many technological advances, drones have become more user-friendly, less expensive, and more useful over time. Drones – or UAVs – have several uses in agriculture, from scouting and checking cattle, to mapping, and more recently, seeding crops and even spraying. But drones are still a cost, require learning, and have limits in what they… Read More

Never mind what the overgrown rodent says on February 2nd — the most important opinion on when spring arrives is our own. While we may not be able to influence the outcome, farmers everywhere anxiously anticipate the kick-off to the growing season. Whether it’s waiting on warm soil for soybeans or fresh grass for cows,… Read More

Are you ready for it? It’s time for one of the most difficult choices you’re going to have to make this week — picking a winning team for the upcoming Super Bowl. That’s right, February 11, two NFL teams will meet for a giant spectacle of sportsing, possible Taylor Swift spotting, and cheering for the… Read More

How much crop have you got priced already? The last few years are the exception to the rule, where waiting to price at least some crop proved the better move. On average, incremental sales when the market moves in your favour is a sound grain marketing strategy. Current grain prices haven’t got many very excited… Read More

I’m not a New Year’s resolution person. I’m not even a New Year’s party person, but I am a fresh start, excited-about-a-fresh-notepad kind of person. With 2024 just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about the production year ahead. For our farm, December is when we put the rams in with ewes for… Read More

Managing for nitrogen crop needs is a main driver for achieving top yields. Nitrogen fertilizer, however, is also prone to a few forms of losses: by water, and by air. All of these losses, by denitrification, leaching, or immobilization, can cost in underused or unused fertilizer, and losses by nitrous oxide emissions drag on the… Read More

After four years, Agritechnica returned this year. The world’s largest agricultural tradeshow for machinery and innovation, the show features a square mile of thousands of exhibitors, from concept-only, pie-in-the-sky ideas to the newest, coolest innovation ready for market. Farmers who didn’t make the trip can still see plenty of what was on offer through our… Read More

If you are like me, you are positively elated that we’ve rounded the corner from spooky season (it is not my fave). For me, these next few weeks are focused on preparing for winter and honouring the fallen on November 11, before thoughts turn to the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. Editor’s note:… Read More

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) tracks changes in farmland values closely. This week, FCC published its Mid-Year Land Values report, and in it, puts overall average growth of Canadian farmland in the first six months of 2023 at 7.7 per cent. There were pullbacks in the rate of growth in some provinces — B.C., Ontario, and… Read More

The carbon tax, that “price on pollution,” as the Liberal government calls it, is supposed to encourage Canadians to move away from fossil fuel use by making diesel, gas, natural gas, and propane more expensive. What the government has done or plans to do with the tax proceeds is a post for another day, but… Read More

Do you mark weather events such as fog or hoar frost on the calendar as predictors of what’s to come? Do you track down caterpillars to measure their stripes as an indication of the winter ahead? Does a fall full moon bring frost? Unlike most people, the weather has a profound impact on the livelihoods… Read More

The Bank of Canada overnight rate has risen sharply since early 2022 and has held above 4 per cent since December (see below). The longer the period of increased interest rates continues, the more likely it is farmers will have to renew some loans or take on new debt in this time of more expensive… Read More


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