Can you have too much grain storage on farm? Is on-farm grain storage a trap to procrastinate in marketing your crop? Depending on where you farm, what’s the ideal amount of grain storage relative to your annual crop production? On-farm grain storage has always been a necessity on the prairies, but capacity is growing in… Read More

When someone suggests going to a restaurant to eat, does the well-known ________ chain with the golden arches come to mind? McDonald’s has certainly tried to enhance its image well beyond being a source for quick, cheap (and delicious) calories in recent years, upgrading its buildings with TVs, lounge areas, and other aesthetics to improve… Read More

This week on RealAg Radio, Shaun and Kelvin debated whether farmers were benefitting from the spat between the railways and the Western Grain Elevators Association, and more specifically executive director Wade Sobokowich. See More: Railways Offering “Pretty Good” Performance, Amid PR Effort and Finger-Pointing What do you think? Is this finger pointing by the railways… Read More

Tuesday is the big day…finally… The entire world is going to take a giant breath of relief that the U.S. election is coming to a close. The storyline is well documented, circus-like in nature — a real life made-for-TV event like no other in our popular culture and political history. For Canadians involved in agriculture,… Read More

Slumping corn prices have enabled an environment for mega agribusiness mergers and acquisitions. In the last twelve months, there’s been a steady stream of headlines about the latest and greatest combination of billion dollar companies that will purportedly deliver better products, savings to the farmer, more innovation, synergies, alliances, etc.  In this economic environment for agriculture,… Read More

After losing an Ontario Court of Appeal decision on the province’s new seed treatment regulations, what strategy should Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) now pursue on the neonic issue? We put the question to GFO chair Mark Brock. We’re also interested in your opinion. It appears the farm organization has three strategic options. Let us… Read More

The discussion about consumers and farmers connecting can be exhausting, never-ending and downright frustrating for farmers and maybe even some consumers. Sometimes in any strained relationship people lash out, they vent, and they cry for smoother times. One of the disconnects to this relationship can be the role that the food company plays, but that’s… Read More

The Beef InfoXchange System or “BIXS” aims to add value to the Canadian cattle industry by improving communication and feedback between each link in the beef value chain. It was originally launched by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association in 2009, and in 2014 CCA partnered with ViewTrak Technologies to privatize the system. Now, another milestone announcement — an agreement with Cargill… Read More

Since visiting Agritechnica in November, I have been sharing presentations on some of the cool innovations and products in agriculture. One of the most popular topics to discuss is the opportunity of autonomous tractors. The autonomous tractor product example that I chat about with audiences is the Greenbot. We’ve also seen Manitoba farmer Matt Reimer receive… Read More

This week at FarmTech we had the unique opportunity to talk to Terry O’Reilly, the host of CBC’s Under the Influence. Terry wowed the crowd with his insightful look at the power of storytelling. After the keynote, I heard a surprising number of RealAg fans sheepishly mention that they listen to CBC radio. Now, it’s not the… Read More