“I’m picking up a sentiment, from some of you, that I don’t like.” Host Shaun Haney starts off the show talking about the importance of lobby efforts, suggesting farm organization budgets for lobbying should be doubled, not halved. Then: Top Ag News Preventing herbicide resistance in cereals, with Nufarm’s Darren Froats. What’s ahead for spring?… Read More

Starting off the show, Shaun Haney reflects on yesterday’s show, and specifically his conversation with Tyne Morgan. Considering struggles like those faced in the U.S., are arguments against supply managed dairy realistic? Are Canadian producers really held back in terms of innovation and growth compared to their counterparts without the system? Then: The news this… Read More

Host Shaun Haney says he isn’t one for conspiracy theories, but he starts off the show with a discussion on Walmart’s potential move into agriculture and drone surveillance. Will farmers who comply to retail demands be paid more? Or will those who don’t, be dropped? Then: Top Ag News, with Kelvin Heppner. Agronomy Monday feature… Read More

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show with Grain Perspectives’ Matthew Pot to discuss China’s response to proposed tariffs, and what it means for Canada. Then: Will barbecue season catch the free-falling live cattle futures? Anne Wasko, Gateway Livestock Exchange, joins for a Beef Market Update. Issues Panel – Lyndsey Smith, Kelvin Heppner and Anne… Read More

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show talking cranberry juice, push marketing, and market development. Then: Top Ag News – Yesterday’s emergency meeting regarding the grain-by-rail backlog; the acquisition of farmland in Canada; political sentiment in polls; the pace of NAFTA talks, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; and more on trade. The level of… Read More


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