Choosing the right DEKALB® soybean seed is a critical step on the journey to high yield potential, but identifying the right variety for the right part of the farm is guesswork without field data. “I’m hearing from farmers that there has never been a more variable crop across southwestern Ontario,” Bob Thirlwall, an Agronomic Solutions… Read More

Why flexibility matters more than ever in 2024 TruFlex® canola was designed to deliver excellent control of critical weed species alongside unparalleled flexibility when it comes to application window and rates. This flexibility was originally intended to support growers in spending more time doing the things they love; however, as weather patterns trend towards extremes,… Read More

First introduced to the Canadian market in 1998, Roundup Ready® has been a consistent management tool growers have used to maximize their soybean yield potential. Tried and tested, it has been the subject of innovation and refinement for over 25 years. “The Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System is specifically designed to deliver yield potential and… Read More

Why RNAi Technology is the next step in corn rootworm protection SmartStax® PRO is the next generation of corn rootworm defense, combining the proven effectiveness of SmartStax with industry-leading RNAi Technology, making it the strongest trait on the market against corn rootworm. SmartStax has consistently been a leading trait for insect protection and herbicide tolerance… Read More

Once fields have been seeded, it is time to establish your timeline for weed management to ensure you are providing the right support to your crop at the right time. Bryan Bryson, Traits and Licensing Campaign Manager at Bayer, shares three key reminders for farmers to maximize crop yield in TruFlex® canola hybrids. 1. Timing… Read More

There are three key weed management steps to take in the field to ensure you maximize your soybean yield. With the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System, farmers can change the way their soybeans grow with two varieties that offer exceptional residual weed control and expanded herbicide options. Bryan Bryson, Traits and Licensing Manager at Bayer,… Read More

Once fields have been seeded, it is time to establish your timeline for next steps to ensure you are providing the right support to your crop at the right time. Andrew Chisholm, Trait and Trait Launch Manager at Bayer, shares three key reminders for farmers to maximize crop yield in TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready®… Read More

As a rule of thumb, you only get about 40 chances to grow your canola yield of dreams. So, when it comes time to plan out your next planting season, you’ve got a couple of big decisions to consider. Which seeds to go with? What volume to seed at to maintain your yield potential, by… Read More

Each year, wild oats challenge Western Canadian farmers’ cereal crops. With unique regional challenges and increasing herbicide resistance, there is a need to consistently adapt grass control options to ensure farmers are receiving the greatest return on investment, and in exchange, control of problem weeds. Cirray™ herbicide is the latest edition to Bayer’s cereal herbicide… Read More

Across Eastern Canada, growers have faced an uphill battle managing pest pressures in corn. Insects like Western bean cutworm have increased in population, year after year, spreading to more regions across Ontario and Quebec. These pests damage corn ears and leave the crop vulnerable to mold and other diseases. But growers have a tool to… Read More

Bayer CropScience has launched BUTEO™ start, a new insecticide seed treatment option for canola in Western Canada targeted at early control of flea beetles. There are two main types of flea beetles: striped and crucifer, explains Andrew Chisholm, Traits and Trait Launch Manager with Bayer CropScience. The striped flea beetle is really starting to increase… Read More

Each year, canola covers about 20 million acres of Canadian farmland. Each of those acres represent countless growing decisions that an operator has made as they navigated the challenges of their region and of the season. For canola growers, there is little room for guesswork. That is why DEKALB® has a range of canola hybrids… Read More

At its core, agriculture is a careful and changing science. Each season gives growers another chance at perfecting its equation of crop cultivation by harnessing new knowledge, products, and hybrids to best address the varying factors of disease pressure, weather conditions, and market demands. Navigating the equation’s yearly variables adds difficulty to the endless list… Read More

Getting the spray timing right in canola isn’t always easy, particularly when erratic weather leads to uneven crop growth. “Last year, we saw up to four stages of canola in more than one field,” says Liz Simpson, Canola Agronomic Systems Manager with Bayer Canada. “There are a limited number of spray windows for canola, and… Read More


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