After months of growing your crop, it’s time to focus on marketing your harvest. But do you have the right tools in place to give you the flexibility that you need? An Advance Payments Program cash advance from Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) gives you the cash flow you need during harvest so you can:… Read More

This financial tool supports farmers’ cash flow Every fall you’re faced with important decisions about how best to market your crops or livestock, knowing you want to maximize your returns and generate essential farm cash flow. “Farmers need a financing tool that gives them flexibility to sell when the time and price are best for… Read More

A financial tool for all seasons of farming Every season brings a new set of farming decisions to be made. You might refine seeding plans in spring, make unexpected repairs or purchases during the growing season, or reconsider your marketing plan at harvest to align with expected production and pricing goals. You need a financing… Read More

A cash advance can be a source of cash flow for farmers with unharvested crops Harvest 2018 has been less than ideal. With unharvested crop still in the field farmers may be looking for new options to cover fall expenses. The Canadian Canola Growers Association’s Cash Advance program gives farmers flexible cash flow options that… Read More

A cash advance from Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) gives farmers more control to market their crops and livestock when the time and price is best. With a cash advance, farmers can access up to $400,000 in cash flow to pay necessary expenses such as inputs or capital purchases, while gaining more control to execute… Read More


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