European tractor-maker Deutz-Fahr has unleashed limited editions of its 6 and 7 series tractors that are designed to not only bring the latest technology to the field, but also a unique aggressive look. As Luca Vinceti, export sales manager the Americas with SAME Deutz-Fahr, explains in the video above, the Warrior tractor comes with a special black finish and… Read More

Quebec-based Soucy Holding was founded in 1967 by Gilles Soucy. In 2005, Soucy saw room for expansion, and started Soucy Track, a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing tracks for farm vehicles. The original S-Tech Series of tracks offers options for everything from all terrain vehicles and grain trailers to high horsepower tractors and combines. The company… Read More

If you’ve ever traveled in Europe, you’ve likely experienced two-way roads narrower than a single lane in North America. It’s no wonder vehicles are generally smaller, drivers are better-versed in high-speed manoeuvring and transport regulations are taken very seriously. In the agriculture industry, the emphasis on meeting such transport guidelines has bred all kinds of innovation,… Read More

When you hear “Lamborghini,” do you think of luxurious, fast, high-end…tractors? It’s true, Ferruccio Lamborghini and his family were in the business of manufacturing tractors before they started making legendary sports cars. They eventually sold the tractor business, but the Lamborghini Trattori brand of tractors lives on as part of Same Deutz-Fahr — the Italian agricultural… Read More

From Agri-Trade to Agritechnica, Red Deer to Hanover, farm show season has started. This week’s TWORA podcast takes us to Germany for the world’s largest farm equipment show, along with the latest news highlights: Agri-Trend’s sale to Trimble, All-Tech acquiring Masterfeeds, the launch of the “International Year of Pulses” and more: Subscribe: iTunes | Android… Read More

As you walk the grounds at Agritechnica you come across many familiar brands, implements and machines.  You also come across some implements or machines where you just ask yourself say, “what the heck does that machine do?” And just like that we have a special segment from Agritechnica. Don’t Miss TechTour LIVE – Register Today!!… Read More

Keeping the farmyard manicured and tidy is not an easy proposition. A German company, Power Pac has a solution to help you keep that farm-yard looking like Hyde Park. May we present to you the battery-powered wheel barrow. Yes battery-powered. With wheel and track options, this product was one that caught the eye of Shaun… Read More

Not all booths at Agritechnica provide the most highly technical of products.  Sometime innovation comes from the simplest of ideas. Fortschritt introduced RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney and Jason Stroeve to the Silage Compactor at the Agritechnica show in Hannover, Germany.  One of the interesting features of this product is the packers look and feel like train wheels…. Read More

Call them tradeshow booth gimmicks or whatever you please but at Agrictechnica 2015 the floor is alive with remote controlled tractors, 3D virtual reality goggles, machinery simulators and farming playstation games. Don’t Miss TechTour LIVE – Register Today It is clear that gaming technology is bringing young and old closer to real life farming. Agritechnica… Read More

Farmers and equipment companies from around the world, including 65 Canadian ag manufacturers, are in Hanover, Germany this week for Agritechnica. From robots to tire technology, RealAg’s Shaun Haney and Jason Stroeve are capturing what’s new and exciting at the world’s biggest agriculture equipment show. Don’t Miss TechTour LIVE – Register Today!! We’ll have more… Read More


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