It was quite the week at Commodity Classic in Orlando but the week all began with the Bayer AgVocacy Forum. The day and a half conference featured all aspects of agriculture production from beef and grain producers, to urban farmers, to technology companies pushing the envelope of food technology. The event was attended by agricultural… Read More

Traditionally, farming has been done in rural areas carried out by families that have been in the industry for generations. But what about agriculture in the city? Does urban farming have a place in feeding the world and contributing to providing consumers with locally produced food within the city limits? According to Yari Nagi of… Read More

In agriculture, when we talk about diversity we are usually talking about crop rotations, the cattle herd, or hybrid breeding. Diversity isn’t always a hot topic when we talk about the people working in this industry, but it can make a powerful difference. Dr. Jeneen Abrams is a soybean breeder at Purdue University and believes… Read More

Agriculture as a whole struggles with finding enough workers — from dairy barns, to grain fields, and, perhaps most acutely, in the fruit and vegetable sector. Automation and robotics can most easily solve repetitive tasks, but designing and developing automation for high-value, highly perishable product is also highly complex — and expensive. Part of the… Read More


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