Category: Canada’s Farm Progress Show ’15

Movable Floor on Biso’s Ultralight Header Designed to Cut Harvest Losses

An Austrian-made combine header with an adjustable cutterbar for reducing shatter losses at harvest was recognized in the Innovation Showcase at Canada’s Farm Progress Show last month. The Biso Ultralight 800, with its lightweight aluminum design and movable floor, received a Sterling Award at the show in Regina. The 800mm (~32 inch) variable cutterbar is valuable when straight-cutting… Read more »

Pulse School: Global Food Trends Favour Pulses

Whether it’s growing demand for protein or pressure to reduce carbon footprints in the food chain, pulses appear well-positioned to benefit from global food trends. As the largest pea and lentil exporter in the world, Western Canada stands to become the “protein basket of the world,” says Murad Al Katib, president and CEO of Regina-based AGT… Read more »

Front Versus Rear Boom: Comparing Sprayer Designs

Front-mount self-propelled sprayers have become more common over the last decade, but the majority of sprayer manufacturers still exclusively build rear boom sprayers. For years, Miller-St. Nazianz and Hagie Mfg were the two main brands with front-mount booms. In 2010, New Holland entered the sprayer market with both front and rear boom sprayers after signing a manufacturing… Read more »

Horsch Brings Back Airseeder Tender Concept

Horsch is bringing back a concept it first tried in the North American market more than 10 years ago. This time the company is not alone in offering a tender unit designed to fill multiple airseeder tanks simultaneously. “We’ve been working with the tendering concept for a little over 10 years, as far as tendering airseeders… Read more »

Improved Corn Genetics Put Pressure on Tires

Improved stalk strength is a valuable characteristic when breeding corn plants to withstand wind and carry heavier yields, but tougher corn stalks can also wreak havoc on tires at harvest. “The entire tire industry is trying to stay ahead of plant genetics,” says James Crouch, marketing manager for farm products with Michelin, in the video below. “As demand… Read more »

Talking to Farmers — Dry Conditions, Seeding Equipment and Farm Progress Show Highlights

Dry conditions back home were the subject of many conversations involving prairie farmers who made the trek to Regina last month for Canada’s Farm Progress Show. RealAg’s roving reporter Kelvin Heppner took to the show grounds with a camera to ask farmers how their crops were looking and their highlights from the massive equipment showcase…. Read more »

MultiOne Articulating Tractors’ Surprising Size and Maneuverability

A few of the best of MultiOne Equipment Canada’s mini loader tractors were on display at Canada’s Farm Progress Show this year. With over 180 attachments and hydrostatic drive, the articulating tractors cover a wide variety of industries and applications. If you’re after an compact tractor, the company’s S 500 series tractors (model shown in video)… Read more »

Managing Straw with Redekop’s Maximum Air Velocity Technology

“What comes out of the back end of a combine has a direct impact on the success of your seeding operation in the spring,” says Trevor Thiessen, president of Redekop Manufacturing. “What we’re trying to do is makes sure that as a farmer leaves that field in the fall, he’s prepared his land for the spring seeding… Read more »

Spray Test Shedding Light on Night Spraying with Blue LED Light Kits

Spray Test Controls was in Regina for Canadian Farm Progress Show this month, to shed a little light on night spraying with their new blue LED light kits. In the embedded video above, Shaun Haney talks to Dale Wiens about the lights, two of which will light up booms of up to 150′. Related: TechTour: SprayTest Offers… Read more »

A 500 Horsepower Homemade Giant — the Story Behind the Honey Bee 2WD Tractor

Looking to add a bigger tractor to their farm and save some money along the way, Greg and Glenn Honey of Bracken, Saskatchewan spent the winter of 1978-79 building a giant yellow and black workhorse that has come to symbolize farmer ingenuity and sheer power. The original 500 horsepower, 2-wheel-drive Honey Bee tractor returned to Canada’s Farm… Read more »

AGT Still Planning to Build a Pasta Plant in Saskatchewan

Plans to build a pasta processing plant in Regina are still alive, according to the head of Saskatchewan-based AGT Food and Ingredients (formerly Alliance Grain Traders.) The company’s purchase of West Central Road & Rail for $22 million this spring moves AGT closer to building the facility first announced back in 2011, said Murad Al-Katib at Canada’s… Read more »

Meet Jeff and Ebony Prosko — Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2015

Jeff and Ebony Prosko of Rose Valley were named Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2015 during the OYF luncheon at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina on Friday. They operate a 4,500 acre grain and oilseed farm — part of a larger 15,000 acre family operation in northeast Saskatchewan. The Proskos also opened an ag retail business at Rose Valley called… Read more »

Farm Progress Show Wrap-Up — Big Equipment and Little Rain

Farmers and farm equipment manufacturers from across Western Canada and around the world made their annual pilgrimage to Regina last week for the experience known as Canada’s Farm Progress Show. Shaun, Rhett and Kelvin had the honour of attending and covering Farm Progress for RealAg this year, although they were apparently too busy to film a… Read more »

Morris Aims to Cut Fill Time During Seeding With Multi-Auger Seed Tender Cart

There are three main ways to increase the number of acres seeding equipment can cover in a day: 1) drive faster, but most operators are already traveling at maximum speed for good seed placement; 2) go wider, which seeding equipment manufacturers are working on (including the most recent in Western Canada to break the 100 foot mark); or… Read more »

What’s the Fusarium Risk on your Farm Today? Sask. Map Tool Helps Inform Spray Decision

The Saskatchewan Wheat Commission has launched an online, map-based tool designed to help farmers anticipate fusarium risk on their farms. The tool, available on the Sask Wheat website, is a series of fusarium risk assessment maps that will be updated daily using data collected from approximately 421 weather stations across Saskatchewan. The maps are generated… Read more »