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DeLaval’s Herd Navigator and the Rise of Dairy Robotics

“It’s all about doing more with less,” says Mark Futcher. Futcher is the marketing manager of automatic milking systems for DeLaval, and he sees adoption of technology as a way to increase efficiencies on the farm. One of Futcher’s focuses is FOSS & DeLaval Solution’s Herd Navigator System, a technology designed to identify milking cows in need of… Read more »

Creating Biofuel with Soil Integrity in Mind — Baling Corn Stalks as a Happy Medium

Technology has brought us leaps and bounds forward in regards to renewable fuel, to the point where the focus is shifting to biomass as a fuel source instead of grain, helping to cool the food vs. fuel debate. But biomass is also critical to soil health and stability, as roots provide much-needed soil anchoring and… Read more »

Tillage Options For Red Clover and Other Cover Crops

With the increasing push to use more cover crops in Ontario, particularly red clover in winter wheat, producers are looking for tillage options for managing the cover crop stand. The tillage demonstration at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show last week focused on conservation tillage options for red clover, as outlined by independent agronomist Pat Lynch in… Read more »

Baling Corn Stalks — How Does it Work?

With potential opportunities in cellulosic ethanol production and feed shortages leading livestock producers to look for alternative feeds, there’s growing interest in baling the leftovers from corn harvest. A corn stalk baling demonstration billed as the first-ever in Canada was held at the 2014 Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario last week. As part… Read more »

Get Your Project Funded Through GF2 — Help for Those Turned Down

If you’re one of the farmers who submitted an application for Growing Forward 2 funding and were turned down, you’re not alone. Whenever a new or changed funding model rolls out, there’s always a learning curve. But does a first rejection mean you should abandon the application? Not necessarily. As Margaret May, regional program lead… Read more »

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Wrap Up: Speedy Planting, Mud, Coupons & the Innerkip Longhorns

There was mud, rain, green corn, Japanese beetles, more rain, and oh-so-many demos — that’s right, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is in the books for another year, and it was a great one. As always, Real Agriculture’s founder, Shaun Haney, and its editor, Lyndsey Smith, took some time at the end of the show to… Read more »

A 2014 Corn Crop Maturity Review — Where It’s At

The 2014 Ontario corn crop went in the ground over the course of nearly six weeks — a hardly ideal scenario. While some lucky farmers in the far south were planting before May, most didn’t have the opportunity until mid-May and still more long after that. Coupled with a cooler than average summer, and farmers… Read more »

The State of the Soybean Crop in Ontario — An Early Fall Update

The Real Agriculture team took in the sights and sounds of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this week at Woodstock, Ontario, and if there was one thing in on the minds of farmers it was the approaching harvest season. There’s more than a little concern about the maturity of the corn and soybean crop, and significant disease… Read more »

Advice from the Experts — What You Can’t Miss at this Year’s Outdoor Farm Show

If you’ve never been to Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, or it’s been a long time since you’ve gone, Real Agriculture’s Bern Tobin spent a day on the grounds talking with those in the know about the 2014 show set to start in just two weeks — September 9, 2014. From where you should stop first,… Read more »