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Deere introduces ‘smarter’ S7 series combine

John Deere’s new S700 series combine made its Canadian debut at the Farm Progress Show in Regina this week. While the physical appearance hasn’t changed much from the S600 lineup launched in 2012, the new machines feature significant improvements in automation designed to optimize performance, explains Deere’s Les Bobyck in the video below. “The machine… Read more »

Extending the Grazing Season — Options for Adding Days on Grass

Having enough forage on hand for the fall grazing or winter feeding season is sort of like the best time to plant a tree — it should have been planned for a long time ago. But even the best of intentions got waylaid this year throughout much of Ontario because it Just. Didn’t. Rain. Many… Read more »

Streeee-tch Those Hay Supplies

Do you know which crop’s straw is the most palatable? If you don’t have a TMR, how do you get livestock to eat more straw to stretch those hay supplies? Did you know straw quality can change significantly from year to year? What are the more creative options for feeding livestock? 2016 has not been… Read more »

An Extension Day Like No Other — A Look at the Evolution of the Outdoor Farm Show

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, at Woodstock, Ont., attracts tens of thousands of farmers each year, each eager to see the latest and greatest in new equipment, catch up with friend and colleagues, and perhaps even learn something entirely new. Now over 20 years in action, the Outdoor Farm Show is a don’t miss for most… Read more »

Catch Wheat Pete’s Word Live at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Next week, RealAgriculture’s resident agronomist, Peter Johnson, will host his weekly agronomy podcast Wheat Pete’s Word live at the PRIDE Seeds pavilion at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. Yes, the Wildman himself will be on-hand to answer your most burning agronomic questions about not just wheat, but also corn, soybeans, forage production and more. From planting… Read more »