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Jerry Wulf on Growing Your Cattle Business and Looking for the Win/Win

Wulf Cattle started in 1955 as a feeding operation and has evolved into a player in the seedstock business as well. Marketing more than 40, 000 head of value-added fed cattle annually, Wulf Cattle now owns feedyards in Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska, making it one of North America’s largest integrated beef companies. “I think it’s human nature not to move… Read more »

A U.S. Beef Market Forecast for 2015

There were roughly 95 million cattle in the United States as of July 1, 2014, a 3% drop from 2012 numbers, but that could turn around, according to John Navlinka of Sterling Marketing. “I think we’re beginning to build herds and it’s going to be slow — it’s not going to be a rapid buildup… Read more »

Cattle Market Signals & Transparency — Has Your Marketing Strategy Evolved?

Dr. Stephen Koontz, of Colorado State University, is shining a light on a rather complicated, but incredibly important part of how cattle prices are currently set. Markets and marketing evolves over time, and the cattle industry is no different. Koontz says that the strong transition from a negotiated cash trade, to formula and forward pricing… Read more »

Canadian Economy Riding on U.S. Growth — Paul Ferley’s Economic Outlook for 2015

The recovery of the U.S. economy remains critical to Canada’s economic health, says an economist with RBC Financial. “We have growth and a strengthening economy in Canada as a result from strengthening in exports, but a lot of that is riding on the pick-up in growth in the U.S. and facilitated further by a little… Read more »

Gourmet Burgers Brought to you by the Global Financial Crisis

According to John Scott, JM Scott Management Services, gourmet burgers were something born of North America’s 2008 economic downturn. “People went to the hamburger, because it’s a comfort food. And then, over a period of time…people said, ‘you know what, I’d like something a bit better.’” That’s when, as Scott says in the video below, a… Read more »

CanFax ’14: Big Money for Bulls, Stabilization of the Cow Herd & Tight Feeder Margins for 2015

Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney sat down with Brian Perillat, with Canfax, at last week’s Canfax Cattle Market Forum to talk cow herd expansion and contraction, feeder profits, shipments south and more. To the good, Perillat says that there are plenty of rosy outlooks out there on the demand side, in the feed market and at… Read more »