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Being Comfortable with Science in our Everyday Lives: Dr. Joe Schwarcz

Fear is often based in misunderstanding — no one wants to be seen a fool, or, worse yet, no one wants to make a mistake. Our information-saturated worlds have collided with a new-found interest in food and health at a time when the average consumer doesn’t have a strong understanding of science and chemistry. This… Read more »

Treat Agriculture Like the Profession it is — Skilled, Technical and Essential

Damian Mason is a professional speaker, writer and farm owner who believes farmers should treat their operation like the profession it is. “I want them to stand up for themselves, I want them to be prideful in what they do and where they’re from, I want them to treat it as a profession,” Mason told RealAgriculture’s… Read more »

Under the Microscope: It’s Re-Test Time! Plus, Which Seed is Already in Short Supply

The hangover of 2014’s long, drawn out, wet harvest has already taken a toll on seed supplies of certain crop types for 2015, says Holly Gelech, Biovision Seed Lab’s business development manager. The full fallout, however, has likely not been realized. “Farmers did a great job this fall getting seed samples in early,” says Gelech,… Read more »

The Surprising Link Between Compaction and Nutrient Deficiencies

Concerned about soil compaction? You’re not alone. Soil structure and health is increasingly on farmers’ radars for very good reason —  the more researchers uncover about soil, the more links we have connecting soil quality to everything from crop yield, to nutrient run-off risks and erosion problems. The unfortunate thing about compaction, says Jodi DeJong-Hughes,… Read more »

This Week on Real Ag — CropWeek Highlights, Railway Fines and a Stolen Megaphone — January 15

As part of TWORA for January 15th (yeah — it’s the middle of January already!), Lyndsey denies stealing a megaphone from a plane in Saskatoon and shares some highlights from her time at CropSphere. This week’s podcast also touches on the record shipping year for the St. Lawrence Seaway, fines levied against CN and CP Rail… Read more »

Federal & Industry Funding Partnership Commits $19 Million to Canola Market Development

The Canadian canola industry’s goal of 26 million tonnes of sustainable production by 2025 got a $19 million boost today with a joint federal and industry funding announcement made during CropSphere 2015. Federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz was on hand at Saskatoon, Sask., to announce $9.5 million of funding aimed at further market development and continued… Read more »

Eat your peas. They’re good for you…and for Canada

If Ottawa squandered $870,000 on some meaningless or questionable initiative, media and other critics would climb down politicians’ throats. But when it decides to do something good for farmers, for the nation and even for the world with that amount of money – such as Tuesday’s funding announcement for research into what are called “pulse”… Read more »

More than $10 Million in Crop Research Funding Announced in Saskatoon

More than $10 million in government and producer funding for crop-related research was announced during the CropSphere meetings in Saskatoon on Tuesday. After announcing $3.3 million for Pulse Canada’s marketing efforts, Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz joined Saskatchewan Ag Minister Lyle Stewart to pledge almost $6.9 million for 42 crop research projects through the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF)…. Read more »

Ed Seidle Named Pulse Promoter of the Year for 2014

The Pulse Promoter of the Year is an award given annually to celebrate the contributions of an individual in Canada’s pulse industry. On Monday, at Saskatoon’s CropSphere, the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) and BASF Canada announced Ed Seidle as the 2014 recipient. “With more than 60 years of successful pedigreed seed production and 25 years of crop… Read more »

Pulse Canada to Receive over $3.3M to Address Sustainability, Trade and Marketing

Today, in Saskatatoon, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced that Pulse Canada will receive an investment of over $3.3 million for projects addressing sustainability, pulse demand and trade. “This Government remains committed to the economy, and our hard-working pulse growers play a vital role in creating jobs and keeping our economy strong.,” said Ritz. “We are… Read more »

The Seduction of Organic Production & the Mystery of Science: A CropSphere Preview

Have you met someone with a degree from the University of Google? Perhaps you’ve even boasted those credentials when arguing your case over a contentious issue about food or agriculture. But if you’re frustrated that everyone is suddenly an expert on science without actually understanding it, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Dr. Joe Schwarcz, director… Read more »

What’s Your Favourite Canadian Super Food? A CropSphere Preview with Mairlyn Smith

We’re staring down the barrel of the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions — you know, where you swear off treats, chocolate, booze and anything else fun hoping to whittle a few pounds off the midsection. Of course, if you’re like most people, you probably did the exact same thing last year, to no avail. The reasons… Read more »