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TechTour: Agrimatics Libra Sends Grain Cart Weights Straight to Your Phone or Tablet

In March of 2014, Agrimatics announced the availability of a new product — the Agrimatics Libra. It’s a cloud-based system that sends weigh scale data from grain carts to a smartphone or tablet. All the operator needs is a small battery-operated device from Agrimatics and the free mobile app. With those two ingredients, any iPhone 4S (or… Read more »

TechTour: Chad Colby’s Top Tips for Integrating UAV Technology on the Farm

Moving UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) out of the military and industrial industries and into agriculture has piqued more than a few farmers’ attentions. And for good reason — the ability to get a bird’s-eye view of thousands of acres in a short time frame has nearly endless potential for field applications, but how do farmers… Read more »

TechTour: Moving Spray Down into the Crop Canopy with the WingsSprayer System

Consistent droplet size and canopy penetration are two key points of getting the most out of your spray application (assuming you’re after leaf coverage, of course). Sending spray droplets where you actually want them to go is much harder than it sounds — part of the reason for that is air movement and turbulence as… Read more »

Tight Margins Ahead: Do you Pencil in a Fungicide or Not?

Plant disease is a somewhat different beast than other crop pests, in that your best offense is a solid defense. It’s rare that any fungicide available to you has any curative effect — the best you can do is slow down development of a disease, once established. Under the heading of ‘better to have it… Read more »

Farmers Edge Working at Solving the Data Management Headache of Precision Agriculture

Bleeding edge, leading edge and early adopters — how far has variable rate and precision farming evolved in just five years? For the answer to that question, Shaun Haney caught up with Scott Phillips, with FarmersEdge, at Saskatoon’s Crop Production Show. From the difference between treating data like a commodity or an information source, to… Read more »