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Creating a Culture That Moves Your Farm Business Forward: Former CEO of Walmart Canada

Have you ever thought about the workplace culture on your farm or within your business? Good or bad, a culture will exist whether a manager or CEO has intentionally thought about it or not, says the former CEO of Walmart Canada. Culture is what drives a business — it’s the fabric of an organization, explains Mario… Read more »

Cheating on Banding Depth Puts Urea at Risk

Just because nitrogen fertilizer is placed below the soil surface doesn’t mean it’s going to stay there for plants to use it. In fact, if it’s not buried deep enough, you might be better off broadcasting it on top of the soil, says the senior agronomist for Koch Agronomic Services. Whether for equipment reasons, with more… Read more »

Maltsters Forced to Import Barley With Poor Quality Crop and Declining Acres

A combination of a poor malt barley crop this year and a longer-term downward trend in malt barley acres is leading North American maltsters and brewers to import more barley from Europe. An estimated 70 to 80 percent of the barley crop in Western Canada was hit by rain or snow just prior to harvest,… Read more »

Spraying With UAVs No Longer a Futuristic Dream

The day when unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are used for spraying fields in North America could be here sooner than we expect. In fact, for small acres, that day may have already arrived. Several spraying units made by a Swift Current-based RotorSpray attracted plenty of attention at Farm Forum in Saskatoon earlier this month. The UAVs were… Read more »

Pulse School: Upside Potential for Pea Prices — Pea & Lentil Outlook From Marlene Boersch

Bids for peas in Western Canada will likely move higher in the coming months, thanks to lower supplies and strong exports, says an analyst with Mercantile Consulting Venture. Posted prices for yellow peas have recently been in the $6.50 to $7 per bushel range, but as part of this Pulse School episode filmed last week,… Read more »

Canola School: Will Canola Supplies Be Tight? — A Market Update With Glen Pownall and Marlene Boersch

Canola supplies could be tight by the end of the 2014-15 crop year, depending on who you believe. On one hand, Statistics Canada last week pegged 2014 canola production at 15.6 million tonnes. On the other hand, most of the trade is estimating production at between 14 and 15 million tonnes, with carry-out stocks next summer… Read more »

“Know GMO” Film Project Launched

Pre-production work and fundraising has started for a million dollar film project aimed at informing people about the use of biotechnology in food and farming. “Know GMO: An Uplifting Discussion About Food” will explore the impact of genetic modification, asking questions about how to feed a growing human population, says Rob Saik, the executive producer… Read more »