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Move Over Macro Beer, Craft Brew Coming Through

Thanks to changes in legislation in the province, and an ever-growing interest in food and drink, craft breweries are popping up across Alberta. “We know as brewers that the best barley on earth comes from Alberta,” Graham Sherman, of Tool Shed Brewing told us. “And we also know that we have the best malthouses on earth.” But… Read more »

Sprayers — Why Buy When You Can Retrofit?

For many of us, shiny new equipment with the industry’s latest innovations are more than eye-catching — they’re drool-worthy. But, you might not have to rush out to get a new sprayer just yet. “There’s a lot of things you can actually do to increase the value of your sprayer — or the performance of… Read more »

Farmtech ’16: Increasing Barley Acres Through the Three Pillars — Mike Ammeter

Barley is a staple of the summer countryside in many parts of Western Canada. Whether it’s Alberta beef or a cold Big Rock Traditional Ale, barley plays a major role in the value chain of food and beer production in the west. Even with all those tasty benefits of barley production, barley acres are under… Read more »

FarmTech ’16: My Experience With Plant Growth Regulators — Greg Stamp

When you want to try a new product you can get information from many different sources. You can can get information from the manufacturers, agronomists, RealAgriculture (shameless self promo), and fellow farmers that have tried it. At FarmTech this year Greg Stamp, Stamp Seeds spoke about his trials and tribulations in using growth regulators. Growth regulators… Read more »

Alberta’s AgCoalition Gets Organized for Bill 6 Consultations

A coalition of Alberta farm groups formed in response to the province’s new farm labour legislation is getting itself organized. The Alberta Agriculture Farm and Ranch Safety Coalition, or the “AgCoalition” as it’s known, announced a formalized governance structure, communications protocol and plans for involvement in provincial consultations today. The group’s mandate is to “unify… Read more »

Prairie Organic Grain Initiative Offers Year-Long Agronomist Training

When we caught up with the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative’s (POGI) Iris Vaisman at Farmtech in January (interview included below), the organization was still gauging levels of interest in a year-long agronomist training course. As of last week, dates have been made available and registration is open. The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative (POGI), housed under Organic… Read more »

Where Does FarmTech Go From Here? — Don Shepert

We still have a massive amount of FarmTech coverage coming in the next few weeks. One of the common questions at the event in Edmonton every year: where does it go from here? We did a review of the show with Jay Whetter and Rick Taillieu, but sometimes you need to talk to the man in charge…. Read more »

Regaining Public Trust Through Transparency

Since experiencing violations of public trust by public institutions, political leaders, religious leaders and big business, we’ve almost grown to expect it, says Charlie Arnot. And the erosion of trust is spreading. Arnot is the CEO of the Center for Food Integrity, a non-profit organization with the aim of building consumer trust in the modern… Read more »

Living Your Values — What Farm Managers Can Glean from Disney Success

For many of this year’s Farmtech delegates, few stories will stick out more than that of the “Lost Princess,” presented by Doug Lipp, keynote speaker, author and consultant. One day, in a Disneyland Resort Princess Lunch, a young girl with autism fled a packed ballroom after the stimulus became overwhelming. She grabbed the rails of an… Read more »

From Oh Canada to the Power of Storytelling — Wrapping Up Farmtech ’16

It was another busy (and fun) few days for the RealAgriculture crew covering Farmtech last week. We had our very own studio, set up on the tradeshow floor — right next to the beer and coffee. We spent the week racing from the studio to the hall where keynote speakers made us laugh (and cry), to… Read more »

FarmTech ’16 — Sorting Out the Details of Bill 6 — Ag Minister Oneil Carlier

The Alberta government is in the process of figuring out the details of its controversial farm labour legislation — Bill 6, which took effect on January 1st. “There are a lot of technical things that have yet to be worked out,” explains Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier in this video, filmed at FarmTech in Edmonton earlier… Read more »

TWORA — FarmTech, Acreage Expectations and Building Trust — Jan 28

It’s the week of FarmTech in Edmonton. We head to the Northlands to hear some highlights from Debra Murphy, as well as to KAP’s meeting in Winnipeg for a panel of farm leaders from the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and prairie general farm groups discussing the need to “maintain social license” — here’s this week’s… Read more »

FarmTech ’16 — Loonie Moves, Lentil Acres & Best Sports Movies — Brennan “George” Turner

With planting season around the corner, markets are starting to focus on acreage expectations, looking for answers to questions like “how high will lentil acres actually be in Western Canada and the northern US?” But while there’s plenty of talk about pulses, there are also questions to be answered about 2016 wheat and canola production,… Read more »

FarmTech ’16 — Telling a Great Story — Terry O’Reilly

Farmers are often urged to tell their story, to share their perspective on what happens on farms, but what does that look like? Most producers tend to enjoy growing crops and raising livestock — storytelling isn’t usually on the list of skills required to be a farmer. Speaking at FarmTech in Edmonton on Tuesday, author and CBC… Read more »

Disregard the Unicorn and Run the Farm Like a Business — The 5% Rule

There are a lot of good operations out there. But they could be great, says Kristjan Hebert, if managers stopped looking for unicorns, or big home runs, and focused on making small changes. Hebert is a managing partner at Hebert Grain Ventures, a 12,000 acre grain and oilseed operation in Saskatchewan. He is a chartered accountant, a… Read more »