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TechTour: Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring on-the-Fly with AGCOMMAND Telematics

Have a fleet on the field and need to know which one will need fuel first? That’s just one of the many metrics you can see, track and act on through AGCO’s AGCOMMAND. In this episode of TechTour, Shaun Haney is joined by Eric Lescourett, of AGCO, to talk about AGCOMMAND’s updated interface, the streamlined… Read more »

TechTour: Determining the ROI of Grain Storage with GSI’s New Online Calculator

Farmers know that grain prices don’t usually peak during harvest, which is why an investment in on-farm storage can often be justified. However, determining the value of that space in giving a farm the ability to capture the spread between prices at harvest and prices in the future can be complicated. In this latest stop on the TechTour,… Read more »

TechTour: Introducing a Smaller, Nimble Machine — the R4023 John Deere Sprayer

John Deere’s new R4023 is set to hit the stage, replacing the 4630 in the 4 Series lineup.  The machine weighs in at a little over 18, 000 lbs, with a 600 gallon (2300L) tank and a 60 or 80′ boom. And though it may be smaller than most of its counterparts, it’s no weakling,… Read more »

Almost 30 Years of Rubber Tracked Tractors — A Look at How the Challenger Has Changed

It’s been almost 30 years since Caterpillar launched the first rubber tracked tractor for farming — the Challenger 65 was created in 1986 and introduced to the market in 1987. There are obvious similarities between the original and the latest version of the Challenger, but there have also been some noticeable changes, including the transition to… Read more »

Electric Drive Available in Kinze’s 3660 Planters for 2016

Kinze has announced its electric drive metering system will be available in the 3660 12 row and 16 row planters for the spring of 2016. “The adoption rate of new technology and electronics in the agriculture industry is phenomenal,” Susanne Veatch, Kinze’s vice president and chief marketing officer, said in a release. “As farmers ourselves who… Read more »

The Value of Bin Space — Why On-Farm Storage is Growing in the Corn Belt

Rather than marketing grain right off the combine while basis levels are wide, grain bin manufacturers say they continue to see strong interest from farmers in the Corn Belt in storing more grain on-farm. Whether for marketing or logistical reasons, there are a combination of factors driving the trend, says Jeff Cravens of GSI in the… Read more »

Machines Communicating With Each Other in the Field — John Deere Offers Coverage Map & Guidance Line Sharing

You could say the day when tractors “talk” to each other in the field has arrived, as John Deere has expanded its field automation system to include coverage map and guidance line sharing between machines. New Machine Sync features unveiled last month build on the application’s ability to link a combine with a grain cart to allow the combine operator… Read more »

Precision Planting’s vDrive Insecticide in Beta Production for Spring 2015

Many farmers will be familiar with vDrive, a technology that allows each planter to be controlled and monitored independently. The result, powered by a 12-volt motor, is variable rate planting, that accounts for real-time changes in speed (including around corners). On January 21 of this year, Precision Planting announced the same technology would be used for granular insecticide… Read more »

Trimble TMX-2050 Display Launches Third Party Application Capabilities

Stephanie Michaud, Trimble Navigations, in conversation with Shaun Haney at NFMS 2015. The display is a 12.1″ high-definition color touch-screen, and this year, Trimble announced the TMX-2050 will have the ability to support third party applications. “Today, and within the last week, that’s been our biggest release that we’ve been talking about,” Trimble Navigation’s Stephanie Michaud told… Read more »

CASE IH Farmall 100A Series Offers Top-Notch Cab on No-Frills Tractor

Not every farmer needs a tractor with every available option — they just need one that fits all their needs. But does having a no-frills tractor mean you spend any less time in the cab or driver’s seat? Of course not, and that’s the inpiration behind the CASE IH 100A Farmall series tractor cab. In… Read more »

Geringhoff Horizon Elite XL Corn Header Offers Dual Options for Stalk Managment

A relatively new product for the North American market, Geringhoff’s Horizon Elite XL corn header offers a rather unique feature — two stalk management options within one header. Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney caught up with Eric Quanbeck, national sales manager for Geringhoff, at Louisville’s National Farm Machinery Show, to get a good look at how… Read more »

Case IH Maxxum Tractors Sport “Aggressive New Look”

Case IH launched its 2015 Maxxum line at the 2015 Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio, with what the company is calling “an aggressive new look.” The lineup includes 4-cylinder models with 116-145 rated engine horsepower (HP), and one 6-cylinder, 145HP tractor: the Maxxum 150 (the name chosen for differentiation). Some of the upgrades and… Read more »

AGCO Corporation Offers Certified Pre-Owned Program for 2015

In 2015, AGCO Corporation will be offering its Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program to dealerships across North America. “Farmers are savvy businesspeople, and particularly in a down market, they are squeezed to maximize their net profit,” said Eric Lescourret, AGCO director of commercial strategic initiatives, in a release. “Key areas of focus for farmers are capital… Read more »

Celebrating the Growth of the National Farm Machinery Show Over the Last 50 Years

What started out as a local equipment show in Kentucky in 1966 has grown and evolved over 50 years to become the National Farm Machinery Show — the largest indoor show of its kind in the United States. Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney is in Louisville, Kentucky, right now covering the massive event. He had a… Read more »