The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) has revoked the grain dealer and primary elevator licences for Zeghers Seed Inc., based at Holland, Manitoba. The company, which also operates as Zeghers Canada, is no longer licensed as of March 25, as it did not meet the requirements of the CGC’s producer payment security program. If a producer… Read More

Southern Alberta has been in a multi-year drought, so when the most substantial snowfall in, well, years, fell last week, there’s been plenty of talk of how to keep the snow where it is in hopes it percolates in to the soil. There’s also been action, and one farmer’s innovative approach to water conservation has… Read More

Canadian farmers have been making plans for the 2024 season assuming that the interest-free portion of the Advanced Payments Program would revert back to the pre-2022 level of $100,000. As of today, however, farmers will have access to the first $250,000 interest-free, following an announcement by Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. The Advance… Read More

A frigid fundraiser hosted by a seed business at Domain, Manitoba has raised more than $70 thousand for STARS air ambulance. 19 people from the seed industry and broader agriculture community, including RealAg’s Kelvin Heppner, plunged into a hole cut in the thick ice on the Pitura Seeds farm pond on Friday afternoon. All the… Read More

Consultations have been done, and the “What we heard” document was published in 2021. So why then has the actual opening of the Grain Act — and modernization of it — not happened? On Tuesday, March 26, industry participants, government, and farmers are getting together to talk about exactly that, says Ian Boxall, president of… Read More

BASF Digital Farming and Richardson International say they have signed a deal that will see Richardson Pioneer’s agronomic network use the Xarvio Field Manager agronomic platform across the four Western Canadian provinces. “Through this first commercial agreement, together we can help Canada’s farmers get the best of both worlds – sound advice from Richardson’s experienced… Read More

Nitrogen fertilizer can be lost through volatilization, leaching, or denitrification depending on conditions. Farmers can adapt application practices and timing to minimize loss, and they can choose to have nitrogen fertilizer treated with an enhanced efficiency product. For a discussion on losses, loss management, and what product to use and when, this episode of The… Read More

Corteva Agriscience has expanded its cereal herbicide portfolio in Canada with the launch of Extinguish XL herbicide, a broadleaf herbicide for wheat and barley farmers in Western Canada’s black and grey soil zones. Equipped with multiple modes of action, Extinguish XL herbicide is a pre-formulated, all-in-one application that delivers control of tough weeds such as… Read More

The Saskatchewan government is committing $15 million in funding over five years to the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) at the University of Saskatchewan. “Investing in research activities undertaken by GIFS and similar institutions is the first step toward enabling Saskatchewan’s producers to not only stay competitive, but proving that they remain among the… Read More


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