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RealAgriculture.com Wheat School is your source for the best information to help you get the most out of your wheat crops. We have the latest wheat futures prices, videos, market developments and much more, to help you maximize your yields. Stay informed and join our Wheat School email list today!

Wheat School: More Pain Than Gain When Combining Top-Dress N With Fungicide

wheat leaf burn topdress n

So you’re looking to apply some late nitrogen to boost wheat protein. The recommended timing is immediately after anthesis, just a few days after applying fungicide to protect the head against …

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Wheat School: Following What Happens in the Black Sea Region

20150703 wheat

With a growing share of global wheat trade, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan — former Soviet Union countries — have become price setters in the world wheat market over the last …

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Wheat School: Giving Residue Management the Attention It Needs

combine dust sunset

You’ve heard it time and time again — proper residue management is essential for good seedbed preparation. It ensures uniform nutrient loading and soil temperatures, increases the likelihood of good …

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Wheat School: Understanding Varietal Differences in Phosphorus Removal


Not all wheat varieties are created equally when it comes to the amount of phosphorus they remove from the soil. Some varieties are efficient, while others are phosphorus hogs, explains Jay …

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Wheat School: Are We Reaching a Tipping Point in the Wheat Market?

Pastuer spring wheat

The wheat market is due for some additional volatility in the weeks leading up to seeding season in North America, says the general manager of FarmLink Marketing Solutions. Sharing the …

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