Grain Perspectives by Matthew Pot

Grain Perspectives by Matthew Pot

Grain Perspectives is a subscription-based newsletter delivered to your mailbox daily around 12pm EST. Unique to the industry, Matthew Pot provides you with market insight through the lens of an independent and unbiased economist.

Matt provides perspectives on the global markets, tying it all back into the Canadian picture with a constant reminder of the Canadian Dollar. His economic approach of grain markets provide you with more perspective to the behavior of the grain market than the fundamentals themselves with primary focus on the corn, soybean and wheat markets.

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The daily report is a condensed report including what YOU need to know, made to take only a few minutes to read while keeping you informed.  The reports are focused around both technical (trend activity) and fundamental (big picture).  Interested?  Sign up for a free one-month trial.

Grain Perspectives Infographics

2017-18 wheat ending stocks

Today's US Dollar

Global Wheat Production

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For $500/year, Grain Perspectives is a Mid-Day Market Report delivered by Matthew Pot to your mailbox Monday to Friday, around 12pm EST.

Benefits of Subscription

  • Got a question? Send Matt an email. He’s happy to hear from you: [email protected] or 226-820-2848.
  • Advice from an independent and unbiased economist
  • Each newsletter contains infographics with maps, charts and more
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About Matthew Pot & Grain Perspectives

The brainchild of Ontario native Matthew Pot, Grain Perspectives is a company dedicated to helping you research, plan, and grow your grain business.  Grain Perspectives balances today’s risks with tomorrow’s opportunities, and provides input and data to help you move forward.

As you focus on your planting it can be difficult to navigate the markets—and his daily perspectives help you with that. His clients and customers across Ontario enjoy the passion Matthew has for markets. After all, markets are more fun when we understand them and can add a slice of humor here and there.

Matthew grew up on a family farm in Niagara Region where for years he was destined to take over the dairy operation. That is until he came across an economic way of thinking. Matthew’s passion quickly changed to understand the behavior of markets deeper and that is something that is still happening today. We are all students of the ever changing markets.

After completing his Master’s, Matthew worked at Ontario Pork researching and trading to hedge their forward contracting program. He then spent years working one-on-one with some of Ontario’s largest grain producers on marketing plans for their grain—with great success. During this time he expanded his economic knowledge, taking certifications on technical analysis and derivative strategies. In December 2015, he created Grain Perspectives and has written market reports to his clients since then.

Education and Certifications

  • Master’s Degree in Economics – University of Guelph, Ontario
  • 2.5 Years of Economic Training – University of Western Ontario, London
  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science – Royal Roads University, Victoria B.C.
  • Derivative Market Strategies Certificate – Canadian Securities Institute

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