London, Ontario-area dairy farmer and Real Ag contributor Andrew Campbell is at it again (or still!), launching another online ag awareness project for 2017. Following up on his work with #farm365, he’s planning to visit and shine a spotlight on 52 Canadian farms in 52 weeks. “I thought it’d be kind of neat to start touring other… Read More

Andrew Campbell, a dairy farmer from Strathroy, Ontario and a frequent contributor here on Real Agriculture, has been recognized for his work raising awareness about farming. Andrew received the 2016 Farm & Food Care Ontario Champion Award at the organization’s annual meeting in Milton on Wednesday. While he’s frequently interviewed by non-ag media and writes… Read More

Are you ready to get farming? Alarm goes off at the same time each morning so we can start milking around 5. #farm365 — Andrew Campbell (@FreshAirFarmer) January 2, 2015 Curious about what happens on a dairy and grain farm each and every day? Farmer from southwestern Ontario and monthly columnist here at Real… Read More

Let's Talk Pork...oink, Oink, OINK Rebound? - Andrew Campbell

Hog farmers across the country have had it bad for a while. Market crashes, disease and deteriorating consumer confidence have been major issues for pork producers for quite some time.  Running a hog farm is not easy or glamorous. They require an incredible amount of hands on management from farrow to finish. Hogs are hard… Read More

Are There No Contentious Issues in Ontario Agriculture - Andrew Campbell,

I have been thumbing through the Ontario Farmer lately and it continues to strike me that there seems to be a lack of contentious issue in Ontario this year. Are the crops to good? Is the newly created GFO doing the perfect job? Are farmers making so much money they cannot stand the pains of… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to this Friday edition of RealAg Radio. On today’s lineup, we’ve got a RealAg Issues Panel for you, featuring: Lyndsey Smith and Kelvin Heppner of RealAgriculture, Andrew Campbell, dairy farmer from Strathroy, Ont., and of course — host Shaun Haney. The panel discusses what competitiveness really means, walking the talk on fertilizer… Read More

It’s Friday, which means we’re talking the top ag issues of the week on our RealAg Issues Panel. Joining the panel today, hosted by Shaun Haney, is Andrew Campbell, of FreshAir Media, and Kelvin Heppner, of RealAgriculture. The trio discuss tractor subscriptions, the Conservative leadership debate, grocery profits, a breakdown of the ag sector’s NHL… Read More

In this Friday issues panel edition of RealAg Radio, you’ll hear RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith and Kelvin Heppner, joined by Andrew Campbell of FreshAir Media. They’ll be talking about: The trucker convoy; The Bank of Canada’s decision to not raise interest rates; and The hardness of butter; You’ll also hear special guest Greg Cherewyk, president of… Read More

On this Friday edition of RealAg Radio, our issues panel featuring Kelvin Heppner, Andrew Campbell, and Meagan Murdoch break down: Whether Erin O’Toole has a future with the Conservative party; The recent rain storm in Ontario that’s wreaking havoc with crops; Skyrocketing fertilizer prices; and Who the next federal agriculture minister might be. Thoughts on… Read More

Welcome to this Friday edition of RealAg Radio. On today’s show you’ll hear a Beef Market Update with Anne Wasko of Gateway Livestock Exchange. You’ll also hear an issues panel, with guest host Lyndsey Smith, Kelvin Heppner, and dairy farmer and co-founder of, Andrew Campbell. They’ll be talking about: Food innovation “news” involving crackers… Read More

On this Friday edition of RealAg Radio, you’ll hear an issues panel featuring Kelvin Heppner, Lyndsey Smith, and Andrew Campbell. On the list to discuss: policy announcements, the impending election, and fertilizer emission reductions. Plus, you’ll also hear from Dennis Laycraft of Canadian Cattlemen’s Association talking U.S. trade, labelling, and more. Thoughts on something we… Read More


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