If you’re not putting some starter fertilizer down at seeding and planting, you could be leaving yield potential on the table. But there are risks to seed-placed fertility, and just how much is too much depends on several factors including soil type, fertilizer type, crop species and more. For this episode focused on all things… Read More

How early is really early when it comes to seeding? For this episode of The Agronomists, Brian Beres, research scientist at AAFC Lethbridge, and RealAgriculture’s Peter Johnson weigh in. Does it pay to deviate from the seeding date prescriptions? Watch below on your own time, and don’t miss a new episode of The Agronomists every… Read More

It’s time for our premiere episode of The Agronomists! This hour long, prime-time live show will run every Monday evening and be full of commentary, insight, and likely a few laughs. For this first episode, we kick things off with Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson, RealAgriculture agronomist, and Marla Riekman, soil specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and… Read More

The Balancing Act of Managing Soil Moisture - Peter Johnson

Soil management prior to planting can be a lot like walking a tightrope. You really can’t go too far one way or the other or you’ll pay the price. While early season is all about making sure the soil is dry enough to get on, as soon as the time comes to plant, you need… Read More

Wheat School: Why are Test Weights Down in Ontario? - Peter Johnson, OMAFRA

  Test weights on wheat are down below average in parts of Ontario. Compared to this time last year, yields by test weight alone are down by as much as 10% in areas. There are a couple of reasons behind this. The first involves under-filled  kernels from plants surrounding dead zones in the field being… Read More

Wheat School: Unusual Pest Behavior in Ontario - Peter Johnson, OMAFRA

  A big part of a successful pest control strategy depends on pests behaving in a certain way and us basing our control measures on that. When an insect pest deviates from typical behaviour, it can in some cases, negate any control strategy we implement based on that behaviour. Things like emergence patterns, feeding habits,… Read More

Wheat School: A Demonstration of Successful Fusarium Tolerance Breeding in Wheat - Peter Johnson, OMAFRA

This episode of the Wheat School can be summarized as a bit of a fusarium clinic. Peter Johnson, Cereal Specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs gives us a first hand look at the difference in resistance between older wheat varieties and some of the newer generations. Here we get confirmation… Read More

Wheat School - Spring Application of Nitrogen to Your Winter Wheat Crop - Peter Johnson - OMAFRA

Farmers looking to kickstart their winter wheat crop are very careful in timing their nitrogen application. Applying nitrogen at the wrong stage in plant development can lead to yield loss down the line. That being said, farmers have to take into consideration the difference in conditions this year vs last year. Whereas last years conditions… Read More

Peter Johnson, OMAFRA Sees Some Benefits in European Production Practices to Get 20 Bushels More

There is growing focus on using agronomic practices to improve the in field performance of our crops. One way to do this is through agronomic research within your region or you can look at some of the agronomic practices of other regions of the world.  One are area of the world that achieves excellent wheat… Read More

Wheat School: PrePlanting Weed Control, Drill Prep, Starter Fertilizer - Peter Johnson, OMAFRA

Its time to seed winter wheat and there are several different considerations that you need to make in order to make sure you have success this season.  In many ways the steps that you take today are crucial to what your yield results are next August.  Too many people make some crucial mistakes at fall… Read More


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