Today’s show, with host Shaun Haney, covers a range of topics. Hear: An overview of the Western Grains Research Foundation, its plan going forward, how decisions are made, and more with executive director Garth Patterson; Some listener feedback on everything from yield contest practices to Canada’s relationship with China; Land transfers and succession planning, with… Read More

On Tuesday’s show, with host Shaun Haney: similarities between farm succession planning and trade talks — both require clarity for progress top ag news with Kelvin Heppner, including a NAFTA update, Outback Guidance sale, grain elevator fire in Crystal City, and more Conservative associate shadow ag minister John Barlow on whether supply management will come… Read More

The federal government wants to clamp down on incorporated business owners who it says are claiming capital gains when they should be reporting taxable income or dividends. A capital gain is essentially the increase in the value of a capital asset, such as farmland, above its purchase price. Under Canada’s tax system, only 50 percent… Read More

Tuesday’s edition of RealAg Radio, hosted by Shaun Haney — highlights: 38 years since the last total eclipse – listen to hear Shaun’s thoughts of yesterdays’ excitement; Interest rates, trade, infrastructure – what is happening in the Canadian economy? Shaun talks all things economy with Doug Porter, chief economist with the Bank of Montreal. Brian Perillat… Read More

We’ve all heard the horror stories of intergenerational transfer, but, says beef producer and lawyer Ryan Scorgie, it can actually work out, provided families are willing to navigate through some challenging waters. “One of the challenges we’ve seen in this industry is people don’t necessarily look at ranching as a specific business…but it is — it’s… Read More