AGNERDS - Review of the Blackberry Playbook

The Blackberry Playbook was delayed in coming to the market but the challenges have not ended there.  What is interesting is that the Playbook seems to be garnering the either “love it” or “hate it” feelings.  Some of the mainstream tech media has reported that it was released to quickly but from some of the… Read More

AgNerds Episode IV - App Suggestions for Farmers

The business world has gone mobile. From the smartphone to the rise of the tablet and the advent of the cloud server, people want, and can get their information anywhere and anytime. Agriculture is no different. Long hours in the tractor can now be ( fortunately or unfortunately ) long hours at the office. Every… Read More

AgNerds - How to Know What's Going on in Canadian Agriculture on Twitter

Twitter is an incredibly useful tool. One of the things that make it so useful is its power to connect you to people outside of your traditional network. Twitter is also one of the most under-utilized tools in agriculture. Part of this could be the misconception of it as a strictly entertainment focused application where… Read More

AGNERDS - Episode ll Part 2 - Farmers Love iPads

The Ipad is one of those little pieces of technology that is really carving out its place in the wide world of tech. Its portability and its functionality are two of the biggest parts of its success. Those aspects are also reasons why it has been so well received in the farming community. The intuitive… Read More

AGNERDS Episode II Part 1: Farmers Love iPads

The biggest technology innovation in 2010 was the launch of the Ipad from Apple.  At first glance many people thought it was nothing more than a glorified iPod and sounded like a feel health product.  Well the criticism and sarcasm ended very quickly once consumers started using the product. For many of us the iPad… Read More

AGNERDS - Comparing Smart Phones for Farmers (Droid, Blackberry, iPhone)

I get calls often from farmers that want to know what smartphone to buy once their contract is up. Many farmers are trying to get a smartphone for all the uses that are available.  How you plan to use the device has a great impact on which one you should buy.  Although all the devices… Read More


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