Adjusting management or adopting new products or varieties carries some risk, but that risk can be managed with an on-farm evaluation. Setting up on-farm trials, however, can be simple and straight forward — or so complicated it’s hard to know if you really learned anything at all. To navigate on-farm trial pitfalls and successes, this… Read More

In this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson talks wheat physiology — it might be cold, but it’ll still photosynthesize — oats, changing the language around “recreational” tillage, controlled traffic, and so much more. Also, catch Pete on the most recent episode of The Agronomists, where he’s a guest alongside Jeremy Boychyn from Alberta’s… Read More

As the season changes to fall, the leaves find new colours, football starts, and crops attempt to finish prior to the first hard frost. In a very quick weather change over the last four days, Tuesday morning brought extremely cold temperatures to large parts of the Prairies, from Manitoba, through Saskatchewan, and into Alberta. Night… Read More

Everywhere you turn in the past five months, people have been having conversations about how life is different during the pandemic, but dare I say, it hasn’t changed a whole lot, when it comes to many farmers’ schedules. For now. With some notable exceptions for those with school-aged children, hogs or cattle that can’t be… Read More

Jeremy Boychyn, Agronomy Research Extension Specialist at Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions, is a regular contributor to RealAg Radio’s Agronomic Monday shows as well as our Wheat School series. He joins host Shaun Haney for this Tuesday edition of RealAg LIVE! to talk all things cereal agronomy (summary available below the video). There are different… Read More

With COVID-19 social distancing firmly in place, schools, events, sports, and social activities are all cancelled, spawning much more free time with family. For the most part, the hectic parts of our lives have been taken away which raises the question of “what are we supposed to do?”  It’s like taking a trip back into… Read More

Looking for the latest information on a leaf disease invading your farm fields? Want to know how fungicides recommended for control or suppression stack up? Farmers and crop advisors will find all this and more when they visit, says University of Kentucky plant pathologist Carl Bradley.  The Crop Protection Network (CPN) is a multi-state… Read More


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