This week’s Agronomic Monday show, with host Shaun Haney, features: Ron Osborne of Farmers Edge on the company’s new partnership with Lindsay Corporation, bringing remote sensing technology to irrigation Glenda Clezy of SaskPulse sits down with Dale Leftwich to discuss early season pulse crop issues and scouting tips Dennis Lange of Manitoba Agriculture and Kelvin… Read More

Our Agronomic Monday (and Memorial Day in the U.S.) line up includes: Agronomy panel with Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson and Syngenta agronomist Steve Johns discussing spring weed control, super dry spring soils and much more; Rebecca Lee and Brian Gilroy of the Canadian Horticultural Council on what’s happening in the very diverse Canadian horticulture industry… Read More

As #Plant18 rolls on, it’s time for our latest Agronomic Monday with RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney. Today’s show includes: Farmer Rapid Fire — seeding and spring updates with Jeff Nonay, near Edmonton, Alberta; Jim Hale, Lancer, Saskatchewan; Riley Anderson, Morris, Manitoba; and Jackie Jeffrey, Burks Falls, Ontario; Clair Langlois, provincial cereal specialist with Alberta Agriculture… Read More

A grower from Georgia who previously held the record for highest corn yield has now broken the world standard for highest soybean yield. Randy Dowdy’s soybean yield of 171.8 bushels/acre was celebrated at a press conference hosted by the University of Georgia and BASF on Friday. The previous record was 160.6 bushels/acre, set by Kip… Read More