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  • The Issues panel — COVID demand destruction, meat markets, and spilled milk

    Airdate: 2020-04-03

    Multi-tasking, working capital, and the carbon tax

    Airdate: 2020-04-02

    Flattening the economic curve, Alberta food security measures, and soybeans in Ontario

    Airdate: 2020-04-01

    USDA report, farmer-led research, and CPC’s response to Olymel shutdown

    Airdate: 2020-03-31

    Early planting, seeding rates, and suppliers dealing with COVID-19

    Airdate: 2020-03-30
  • Finding common ground on Canada’s Ag Day

    Airdate: 2020-02-11

    Farm Progress Show, conservation in Ontario, and the power of positivity

    Airdate: 2019-08-28

    A Farm Report, new fungicide, and a producer panel from Kentucky

    Airdate: 2020-02-13

    New program to help with TFW, politics behind the new food guide, and playing farming for money

    Airdate: 2019-01-24

    Kickin’ Tires, Livestock Trade & Mental Health

    Airdate: 2017-01-25
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