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  • Potash power, valuing wheat in rotation, and a north-bound corn disease

    Airdate: 2020-01-27

    Beef markets, carbon tax outrage, and Starbucks has a latte nerve

    Airdate: 2020-01-24

    Ambrose out, surprise in the markets, and the future of drone spraying

    Airdate: 2020-01-23

    Bullish oats, Manitoba Ag Days, and developing agriculture education

    Airdate: 2020-01-22

    Pulse exports, interprovincial trade, and working abroad

    Airdate: 2020-01-21
  • Human resources, labour, and leadership

    Airdate: 2019-09-02

    Domestic processing, relay intercropping, and on-farm connectivity

    Airdate: 2019-12-09

    Defeat in the House, carbon balance, and falling number discounts

    Airdate: 2019-12-11

    USMCA’s path forward, and priorities from ag’s shadow minister

    Airdate: 2019-12-10

    Careers in ag, and a closer look at the production of principal field crops report

    Airdate: 2019-08-29
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