RealAgristudies is a joint research, education, and data journalism project between Agri Studies and RealAgriculture.

RealAgriculture and Agri Studies are excited to move forward with the next stage of their partnership: the RealAgristudies Insights Panel.

When we need to understand the latest innovation, we go to scientists and engineers. When we need to understand legislative changes, we go to politicians for answers. When we want to know what farmers think… we’ve often relied on small panels or individuals to speak for the whole.

We want to do better.

RealAgristudies Insights Panel logoThe RealAgristudies Insights Panel will provide real answers and concerns back to the innovators, researchers, and politicians, and it will reflect the sentiments farmers are feeling across Canada.

Too many decisions that affect farmers are made based on assumptions — being a member of our panel allows your thoughts/perspectives to be shared through RealAgriculture’s network, and will help shape decisions that impact you and your farm business.

Joining is simple and takes about 2 minutes. Once you’ve answered a few questions about you and your farm, we’ll contact you for your thoughts and opinions.

Join the RealAgristudies Insights Panel


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