RealAgristudies is a joint research, education, and data journalism project between Agri Studies and RealAgriculture.

Justin Funk (Agri Studies) and Shaun Haney (RealAgriculture) are collaborating on a brand new initiative: RealAgristudies, to help everyone understand producers better—including producers—by combining the market research and education experience of Agri Studies and RealAgriculture’s publishing platform and connection to the agriculture community.

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Farm Vision 2020

RealAgristudies’ first project will be called Farm Vision 2020 and will kick off with a series of short surveys designed to learn more about farmers’ attitudes to a number of important issues related to their farms. This project is based on the 1995 Commercial Producer Study conducted by Agri Studies Founder and University of Guelph Professor, Dr. Tom Funk in 1995. You can read more about the history in our post announcing the partnership.

Canadian Producers Are Invited

Join the Project: Take Farm Vision 2020 survey

Not “Another Survey”: You take part, you get results—first

We know that there is a real fatigue around surveys, but that’s because the value is always dubious and what information is gleaned is hoarded and kept secret. Here are the reasons to join:

  • Get an email copy of your responses immediately
  • In late spring/early summer 2020, receive a PDF executive summary of the study prepared by Justin Funk
  • Once you’ve received your PDF, webinar invitations for a presentation and Q&A with Justin Funk and Shaun Haney will follow

That’s just the start. There is a long history of sharing results from the Commercial Producer Study that RealAgristudies is excited to respect and maintain. In the past, there were things like townhalls, printed newsletters and teleconferencing. In 2020, we hope to blend the past and the future.

As we roll out the results to the producer’s who took the survey, RealAgriculture will be working towards planning new content series to share high-level results with our audience. This survey and the ones that follow are a unique way for Canadian producers to speak with a unified voice while acknowledging differences. Similarly, Agri Studies will continue their work of educating agri-businesses of the needs and concerns of farmers across Canada.

Agri-Businesses Interested in Results

You need to better understand producers. Producers need you to understand them. The RealAgristudies project is aimed at bridging that gap. There will be different options to access results that are relevant to your business, including reports, webinars, and in-person education seminars with Justin Funk.

If you’re interested to learn more, leave your information and we’ll reach out.