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New tractor sales running 16 percent ahead of last year

New tractor sales numbers in Canada continue to exceed last year’s levels, and sales activity in the U.S. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has released its September flash report on new tractor and combine sales in Canada and the United States. In Canada, four-wheel-drive tractor sales were up almost 80 percent from September of last year,… Read more »

AEM data shows Canadian new tractor sales up 18.1% in 2017

Every month the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) releases a flash report on new tractor and combine sales in Canada and the United States. Data released this week represents sales up until the end of August 2017. The Canadian market is showing superior strength in comparison to the U.S.. Below are the Canadian numbers, which… Read more »

43% of equipment dealers believe their new equipment inventory is too high

Whether you are running a retail dress shop, bakery or a Best Buy, managing your inventory is critical to achieving financial success.  Having adequate working capital provides flexibility and prevents having all of financial freedom ties up in inventory. These financial realities are very true for machinery dealers as the carrying costs of the inventory… Read more »

Canadian Tractor Sales Still Slumping: AEM

Challenging times in the machinery market continue, as tractor sales in Canada slump. According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ April data, year-to-date tractor sales in Canada are down 18.6 percent from last year. 4-wheel-drive sales are down 22.1 percent, while 2-wheel-drive sales are down 18.4 percent. Combine sales in Canada are bucking the trend,… Read more »

Small Tractor Sales Up, but Combine and 4WD Sales Still Way Behind Last Year

Overall farm tractor sales for the month of April in both Canada and the U.S. were up slightly over last year, but combine and 4-wheel-drive tractor purchases remain well off the 2014 sales pace. According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ monthly report, total Canadian farm tractor sales in April 2015 were 3.5 percent higher than in April 2014…. Read more »

AEM and Deere & Co. Confirm Global Machinery Sales are a Concern for the Rest of 2014

Whether it’s the drop in commodity prices or the pace at which machinery sheds have been restocked in the past three years, global machinery sales have slowed considerably. On Deere & Co earnings call this week the company stated, For fiscal 2014, the company expects sales to decrease 6%, and to be down ~8% for… Read more »

April is a Weak Month for Farm Machinery Sales in the US and Canada

It seemed that in 2013 nothing could prevent machinery sales in Canada and the United States from being strong.  The Association of Equipment Manufacturers have released its April 2014 Flash Report for retail Sales of farm machinery.  The results year to date are not pretty in Canada while in the US farm machinery retailers are… Read more »

April AEM Flash Report Shows Combines Continue to Sell at a Strong Pace in US and Canada

According to the latest Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) flash report, in both the United States and Canada, self propelled combine sales are very strong. Both the year to date and month to month numbers are on a torrid pace for the year. In the United States combine sales were up 58.6% in April 2013… Read more »

First Quarter US Tractor Sales Indicates It’s a Great Time to Be in the Tractor Business

Higher commodity prices continue to benefit the financial returns of the agri-business industry. When farmers have strong free cash flow, input and machinery dealers have always benefited. Like any other industry, when farmers have no money the spending clamp gets put on pretty tight. You don’t have to look any further than the tractor sales… Read more »

Canadian February Tractor Sales Were Strong According to AEM

If you cannot see the embedded audio player above, CLICK HERE Farmers in Canada are buying tractors and combines at a much stronger pace than last year at this time. According to a report published by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), tractor unit sales were up 36% during February 2013 in comparison to February… Read more »