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PAMI takes bin sensors to a whole new level

When bin sensors first came along it was a huge improvement over simply shoving a metal rod through the bin door in some ways. Because sensors are tethered though, you still end up with a linear — rather than a randomly distributed —set of measurements. This means you are not actually measuring a good portion… Read more »

Kelly Diamond Harrow Slices Through Trash at Ag in Motion

The Kelly Diamond Harrow was yet another implement demoed at Ag in Motion last month. The tool is used with the goal of returning crop residue to the soil, accelerating breakdown and improving soil organic carbon levels, all without the depth of most tillage implements. Each mulching chain link contains an abrasive-resistant concave disc, designed to add weight,… Read more »

Hesston 1375 Mower Offers Rock-Skipping, Free-Swinging Knives and Speed

The Hesston 1375 isn’t only the newest of the 1300 series by Massey Ferguson, it’s also the biggest. Weighing in at over 7000lbs, the centre-pivot mower conditioner is 4.6m (15’3″) wide. The machine uses 10 rotary discs, each with 10 free-swinging reversible knives, to cut crops at 1.3 to 3″ in height. And just when you thought… Read more »

Nuhn’s Big-Distance Lagoon Crawler — So You Don’t Have To

Oh to be a fly on the side of the Lagoon Crawler. The amphibious machine, developed by Nuhn Industries Ltd, runs on a Cummins engine and is remote controlled up to 1000 feet, allowing for successful lagoon agitation, even from a smell-safe distance. The header pump is at the bottom of the Crawler, and being… Read more »

Lakeland Group’s Q-Catch Works Through Snow, Ice and Muck

Lakeland Group’s Johnny Deayton was on site at Ag in Motion in July, to show a few of the company’s key products. In the video above, Deayton takes us through the Q-Catch squeeze chute. The Q-Catch features rear control of the head gate, ratchet rump stops, brisket door access and a checker plate floor. Buyers… Read more »

Go, Go Gadget Boom: Merlo Extends its Reach with the Turbofarmer 42.7

It seems telehandlers aren’t just for industrial applications. Merlo’s display at Ag in Motion near Saskatoon in July showed numerous agricultural applications for the machines, with the Turbofarmer 42.7 hitched to the front of a baler. The 42.7 is part of the newest family of Turbofarmers, featuring cab suspension, a 156HP engine, 134HP PTO and… Read more »

Salford Adds the I-4200 to its Independent Tillage Series

Salford introduced two new vertical tillage units in June, just in time for Canada’s Farm Progress Show: the I-2200 and the I-4200, both part of the “independent” series.  The latter of the two, the hybrid I-4200, was also on display at Ag in Motion last week. The I-4200 retains a lot of the same design… Read more »