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Spraying Considerations With Dicamba-Tolerant Soybeans on the Horizon

With Monsanto planning to introduce dicamba-tolerant soybean varieties in North America, the company is reminding growers about how to best handle and apply herbicides that contain dicamba. Older formulations of dicamba were prone to drift, causing damage to neighbouring crops, notes Allan Froese, a technology development representative with Monsanto Canada. In the video below, he walks… Read more »

The TruFlex Trait — A Wider Spray Window, Improved Crop Safety & More Yield

It’s been a while since the Roundup Ready trait revolutionized growing canola for Western Canada. Monsanto Canada is looking to kick weed control up a notch yet again with the (eventual) introduction of the TruFlex Roundup Ready trait. Visitors to Monsanto’s Momentum Tour were treated to a first-hand look at how the TruFlex trait performed… Read more »