Just like that, another work week has rolled by, which means it’s time for a RealAg Issues Panel on RealAg Radio! On today’s show, you’ll hear: The top ag news stories of the day with host Shaun Haney; A RealAg Issues Panel with Shaun Haney, RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith, Jeff English of ThinkShift, and Andrew Campbell,… Read More

May Day, May Day, yes, it’s May! On this edition of RealAg Radio, host Shaun Haney covers the top ag news, then is joined by ThinkShift’s Jeff English, Strathroy dairy farmer Andrew Campbell, and RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith. For the issues panel, they discuss: Why more small processors isn’t a slam-dunk fix to the livestock processing… Read More

It’s been a long year this week, hasn’t it? Welcome to Friday’s RealAg Radio, where we’re all trying to keep up with just how wide-spread the economic carnage of COVID-19 will be. Joining host Shaun Haney on today’s show are: Andrew Campbell, Ontario dairy farmer and occasional host of the show; Jeff English, now with… Read More

It’s a special show today, with Food Bubble host, Andrew Campbell filling in for Shaun Haney. You’ll hear: The latest ag news with RealAgriculture’s Jessika Guse; An update from Shaun Haney and Jason Stroeve, all the way from Germany; A product spotlight with RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith and FP Genetics’ Chris Churko; and A panel conversation… Read More

On today’s episode of the RealAg Radio show, hear from: The top ag news, with news lead, Jessika Guse; Ontario dairy farmer and regular RealAgriculture contributor Andrew Campbell, on his recent opinion piece, If we don’t give a little, nothing changes: a wake-up call for rural Canada; An update on the canola/wheat markets with Terence… Read More

Is livestock production bad for the environment? If Jude Capper could give that question a black and white answer, she’d say no, but with training in academia, she has caveats. Capper is a livestock sustainability consultant in the United Kingdom, and says the conversation around the impact of livestock on the environment, and plant-based diets… Read More


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