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Do you know your cover crops?

Can you tell the difference between annual ryegrass and cereal rye? How about radish and kale? If you can’t, it’s time to bone up on your identification skills if you want to get serious about planting cover crops mixes on your farm, says Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs soil management specialist Anne… Read more »

What Poking Around Soil Zones Can Teach You

Some of the most useful tools on the farm are also those with the lowest number of wires. While sophisticated soil mapping tools and software exist, the lowly soil probe still has a significant role to play on the farm. In this video, Bernard Tobin heads down to Ridgetown, Ontario, to tour a few fields… Read more »

Grown-Up Worm Hunting: Why Earthworms Matter & How to Increase Their Numbers

The soil beneath our feet is teeming with organisms, each with an incredibly important role in┬áthe pedosphere. Among the organisms is a group commonly referred to as earthworms (from the phylum Annelida). (video on earthworm scouting is at the end of this post) Invaders Though a few species are said to remain from the last… Read more »

Get a Gauge on Soil Health By Doing Some Digging in the Fence Row

Want to do a health check up on your topsoil, but not a soil expert? Easy! Get digging in the fence row or nearby woodlot for a good gauge on how different the fields are from what they were before being farmed. Anne Verhallen, soil management specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and… Read more »